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June 08, 2020

How Cosmetic Surgeons Like Dr. Jejurikar Are Performing Virtual Consultations

No one could have predicted the impact COVID-19 would have on the world. Though businesses are beginning to slowly open their doors once more – with social distancing policies in full effect – the likelihood of things returning to “normal” is slim to none.

Businesses have been forced to implement new measures to serve their customers in increasingly innovative ways. That said, cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Jejurikar have already been ahead of the curb by capitalizing on Crisalix 3D imaging technology.

Not only does this cutting-edge technology help patients answer their most vital questions prior to surgery, but it also enables cosmetic surgeons to provide virtual consultations, thus eliminating the need for face-to-face contact

Boosting patient confidence with Crisalix 3D imaging 

With traditional cosmetic surgery, patients typically meet with their surgeons to express their expectations (a desire for perkier breasts, for example).  

It then falls upon the cosmetic surgeon to help their patients understand what they should expect realistically from their surgery. For instance, some patients may expect to walk away from the operating table looking twenty years younger, where in actuality, the operation may knock off a few years at best.  

With Crisalix 3D imaging, Dr. Jejurikar can create a 3D model of his patients, allowing them to view cosmetic enhancements made to the model in real-time in a fully interactive virtual environment. By providing such a vivid and interactive visualization, Dr. Jejurikar can answer his patient’s questions and help to clear up lingering doubts that may exist before surgery.  

The technology behind Crisalix 3D imaging 

The Crisalix takes advantage of the most recent advances in computer vision and artificial intelligence, providing cosmetic surgeons with the tools needed to simplify the decision-making process for patients who may have reservations about proceeding with cosmetic surgery.   

Let’s take a closer look at the technologies behind Crisalix 3D imaging and how they play a role in creating an interactive virtual environment. 

3D Computer Graphics 

One of the primary selling points of Crisalix 3D imaging is its 3D graphics engine, which enables the creation of fully interactive virtual environments where patients can view their 3D model undergo cosmetic changes in real-time. 

This interactive form of consultation provides a glimpse into the future, so to speak, and can often be the push needed to help a patient move forward with surgery. 


Though the marriage of AR/VR technology to mobile technology is nothing new, this is perhaps the first time it has been used to produce such an interactive experience in a medical environment. 

For the imaging process to work effectively, the only hardware needed is an Apple (News - Alert) tablet and a specially designed imaging tool.

Deep Learning 

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and has undergone a radical evolution over the past few years. Crisalix imaging employs the latest innovations in computer vision, software engineering, and deep learning to provide a truly immersive experience for cosmetic surgery patients. 

Procedures available with Crisalix 3D imaging 

Crisalix 3D imaging can provide a broad range of cosmetic simulations with a high degree of accuracy. The following are procedures offered by Dr. Jejurikar at his Dallas practice:  


A double chin is often an unwanted side effect of picking up weight, aging, or simply due to genetics. Whatever the case, Kybella is an injectable that’s designed to lessen fat in the jawline, giving your face a thinner, more refined profile. 


Botox is an injectable that tightens the skin, helping to eliminate neck cords, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet. The goal is for the user to have a more youthful appearance after the procedure. 


Not everyone is satisfied with the appearance of their nose. Rhinoplasty is designed to tailor your nose to a more desirable shape. 

Breast Augmentation 

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries currently in the market. Whether you’re looking for teardrop breasts, or breasts that are rounder in appearance, breast augmentation can help you achieve a firmer more attractive looking chest.  


The older we grow, the more our faces show signs of aging. A facelift will give you a more youthful appearance, eliminating sagging, creasing, and wrinkling.

Providing virtual consultations from the comfort of home

During these trying times, it’s important to maintain proper social distancing to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The Crisalix enables Dr. Jejurikar to provide virtual consultations without having to meet face-to-face with patients.

Normally, your cosmetic surgeon would have to scan your body from several angles to create a 3D model to import into a virtual environment to begin the consultation.

However, it’s also possible for patients to use a secure e-health app to perform the same function right from the comfort of home. Simply take three selfies with your smart phone to generate a 3D model of your face or breasts, which can then be modified by your cosmetic surgeon to suit your specific preferences (bigger breasts, a more defined nose, reduced wrinkles, etc.).

This method of consultation, done over a secure internet connection, helps to keep both the patient and doctor safe by limiting physical contact. It’s also more convenient because you eliminate the need to physically travel from one location to the next.

Undergoing Crisalix 3D imaging with Dr. Jejurikar 

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a board-certified Dallas based plastic surgeon whose expertise and philanthropy have won him acclaim amongst his many clients and colleagues. He is known for practicing the full spectrum of plastic surgery, including mommy makeovers, rhinoplasty, liposuction, facelifts, and breast augmentation. 

Dr. Jejurikar also stands out for his work pertaining to the Brazilian Butt Lift, where his contributions have greatly impacted the industry. He’s an active member of the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Face, an organization that focuses on improving the safety standards of the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

With ample training and a willingness to provide the best possible service for his patients, Dr. Jejurikar goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone who enters the doors of his Dallas practice leave with a smile.  

One of the factors that allow Dr. Jejurkar to stand out from his many colleagues is his willingness to use cutting edge technology to provide the best experience for his patients. As such, he heavily advocates the use of Crisalix 3D imaging technology during patient consultations.  

Schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Jejurikar 

While no one could have predicted the impact COVID-19 would have on the world, that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt. Crisalix 3D imaging enables cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Jejurikar to provide virtual consultations without the need for physical contact.

It also gives patients peace of mind before ever setting foot in the operating room. If you’ve ever wondered how your results would look like before surgery, than Crisalix 3D imaging may be the option you’ve been seeking.  

With technology evolving practically every day, we can only wait to see what the future holds for cosmetic surgery. Contact Dr. Jejurkiar at his Dallas practice to schedule a virtual consultation today. 

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