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May 29, 2020

How does translation help you sell your electronic equipment and win in local markets?

The world market for electrical, electronic equipment and components is highly competitive, and things are expected to get even tighter in the future. As more companies adopt technology to enhance business efficiency, the global market is likely to register an increased demand for electronic equipment. As a consequence, the number of companies in this niche that expand internationally is expected to grow as well.

Under this light, clear communication becomes a competitive advantage. If you sell electronic equipment, you need to create a unique value proposition and present it to your potential clients in a language that they’re familiar with. Translation services can help you differentiate your brand from competitors and communicate more effectively with your clients.

Better yet, speaking local languages can give you a strategic advantage in markets where people value their traditions and are proud of their cultural heritage. In other words, business translation helps you to overcome language barriers and enable partnerships with companies worldwide. It benefits your company in multiple ways and can have a significant impact on your overall global strategy.

Adding Clarity (News - Alert) to Your Message

When you sell electronic equipment, you need clarity to position your company as a reliable partner in any industry. Without accurate information, it’s hard to convince potential clients of the benefits of using your product. 

According to Grand View Research, the market for active electronic components will reach $495 billion by 2025. And this is only one segment in an industry that is vital for the development of all enterprises. From communications and automotive to consumer electronics and manufacturing, they all depend on electronic technology to operate. 

One of the effects of this new trend is increased attention to details when buying electronic equipment. Decision-makers need high-quality information before buying to make sure they get exactly what they need.

Translation can help you to become a trustworthy source of knowledge for potential and existing clients. It lets you share research, industry insights, extensive documentation, and product information in a language that your audience is comfortable using. This way, you make sure that recipients understand your messages correctly and have all the facts to make an educated buying decision.

When you translate, you have control over what potential clients get from your message. If you decide to go with an English-only version, people could miss nuances and even skip essential information due to not understanding the meaning of a term or a phrase. They’re confident that they know everything, but they miss that element that could have helped you close a sale. In a different scenario, they go to Google (News - Alert) Translate to look for the term or phrase and find an incomplete translation.

Either way, when your target audience has difficulties understanding your documentation, you lose business opportunities.

Mastering Technical Terms and Industry Lingo

English is the language for business, but it can create communication challenges when it’s not the native language of your target audience. Furthermore, even when confident about their language skills, people can still have a hard time understanding technical terms.

The electronic equipment industry abounds of specific terminology and sometimes even company-specific vocabulary. Without translation, it’s hard to streamline communication between multilingual specialists and build long-term business relationships worldwide. To ensure accuracy, you want to with translators specializing in this niche and opt for specific electronic and electrical equipment translation services.

In this industry, it’s hard to win in local markets if people don’t have ungated access to information about your products. It’s not just marketing materials and presentations. They need to take a look at the technical details to understand the implications of doing business with you. When buying electronic equipment, companies rely on technical experts and engineers--smart people who know the industry inside out and confront facts and data before making any acquisitions.

If you manage to give them information in their native languages, you’re more likely to convince them of the quality of your products. Translation helps you sell electronic equipment because it rewrites your message to meet the high expectations of your target audience.

Complying with Local Regulations

Another reason you need translation services to sell electronic equipment in local markets regards local laws and regulations. It’s no secret to you that policy frameworks vary with every country or region. In this context, legal attributes can significantly influence your position in local markets. 

Accurate translation becomes vital when you need to comply with the legislation in place. Any discrepancies can hold you back and keep your products blocked, with consequences on your cash flows and revenues.

Why risk having the quality of your products questioned and build a lousy reputation in a region when you can provide impeccable documentation right from the start? In Asia, for example, corporate reputation is a major concern for senior executives and is crucial for driving tangible business benefits. With the right translation strategy in place that targets local languages, you’re more likely to build a dominant brand in local markets and win clients than if you go for an English-only approach.

With more companies investing to become global players, you want to invest in effective communication with international business partners. Translation services can help you to connect with the people that matter to your business and provide them excellent customer experience, which eventually leads to a higher market share and increased revenues. 

Auhor - Karolina Sarul

Author Bio - Former teacher and sales person at ATL, inspire by rock/metal music, books and “Friends” movie series. Endlessly in love with the power of words, explores the marketing world with passion. Unable to cope without her cup of latte, always has a reason to smile.

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