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May 28, 2020

Is It Possible to Save a Hopeless RAR Archive

Of course, there will not be any problems if you can download the archive again. Especially since issues with downloading and using download managers are just one of the main reasons for file corruption. If possible, try to get another copy of the archive. You can re-download it, ask to

send it again, look for an older, but good backup. Then what if the archive with the RAR extension does not want to open and other copies do not exist? It is essential to understand that RAR users have a specific advantage over those who prefer ZIP archives. Because it’s much easier to restore RAR. Moreover, the possibility of recovery is already included in some popular archivers, for example, WinRAR. The fact is that the RAR format has a particular type of redundant data that you can use for recovery, and in case of problems, everything is greatly simplified. Try to open WinRAR and select the Operations-Restore archive (s) menu. If successful, you will restore the archive and can then forget about the problem

However, this is only possible if the Add information for recovery option was enabled during the creation of the archive. This option can be found in WinRAR, in the General tab, in the Archiving parameters area. Then, you need to open the Extra tab and set the Information for recovery parameter, which is indicated as a percentage of the archive volume. Everything is simple here: the more percent you ask, the higher the chances of restoring the archive in case of problems. Of course, this makes the archive heavier, and the purpose of archiving is precisely to reduce the amount of data. And also, it is better to know that by default, this option is disabled, but you can try to start the archive recovery using WinRAR. If it does not work, try the Recovery Toolbox for RAR  program. This tool is designed specifically to recover damaged RAR archives. It allows you to open corrupted files despite the initial parameters of their creation. This program helped me because very few people know how to protect RAR archives during creation; for me, this was also a surprise.

How Do I Know If I Have a Chance?

If you have already struggled with a damaged RAR archive, but you can’t restore it using standard WinRAR tools, then download the Recovery Toolbox for RAR from here Unlike the free recovery method described above, the program does not require any additional settings before creating the archive. That allows you to use this tool to restore absolutely any RAR archives. Right now, you can use Recovery Toolbox for RAR to assess the possibility of recovery. It’s free. You can download the demo version of the program from the developer’s site without any additional conditions. You need to do the following:

  1. Download Recovery Toolbox for RAR from the site
  2. Install the program on any computer with installed Windows.
  3. Launch Recovery Toolbox for RAR.
  4. Select a damaged archive in RAR format to start work.
  5. Proceed to restore the archive.
  6. View the structure of the restored archive and conclude the effectiveness.
  7. Save the recovered data.

You will be able to save recovered data if Recovery Toolbox for RAR is registered. Registration is required only for saving the recovered data. You can evaluate the program’s effectiveness for as long as you like using different RAR archives.

Is It Safe?

First of all, the developer does not offer an online archive recovery service, the analysis of damaged files is performed strictly on the user’s workstation, or any other computer with installed Windows on it. Download the Recovery Toolbox for RAR installation file from the same computer where you plan to work with RAR archives is entirely optional. You can take the toolbox and transfer it on a flash drive. For example, to places where there is no Internet connection at all; therefore, the data does not leave the computer. Because it doesn’t leave the computer, do not worry about leaks of confidential data. As for the unity of the source archive, there is also no reason for concern. With Recovery Toolbox for RAR, you can’t break anything. By the way, this applies to any other means of data recovery: if you have any doubts, you don’t need to “crack” the long-suffering archive. Otherwise, you won’t be able to open it even if you have an ideal recovery tool.

CRC Error

CRC error (CRC error) - users most often see this message if the RAR file with the archive can’t be read. What is this mistake? This error is just information that the integrity of the WinRAR archive is violated. When opening, the checksum does not match the previously specified in the header. The reason for this may be a couple of incorrect bits from millions of bytes from the archive. And everything is because of 1 bit, millions and billions of bytes became garbage!

Of course, Recovery Toolbox for RAR knows about the checksum, but even when it does not converge, the program extracts the file from the damaged RAR archive. Even if not entirely, but only a part, it is still better than nothing.

Why Do You Need To Register The Program

By the way, Recovery Toolbox for RAR is not ideal. Not because it is ineffective, but because ideals do not exist in nature. Any data recovery service, even the most efficient, can’t guarantee successful recovery if the archive, for example, is very damaged and can’t be analyzed. The most reliable option is to get another copy of the archive, which opens without errors. Only this ensures successful access to the packed documents and their non-problematic unpacking. At the same time, I believe that Recovery Toolbox for RAR is more effective than others in managing damaged RAR archives, and this can be easily verified without purchasing a license. To do this, you need to take the demo version of the program from the developer’s site, install it, and check whether it is possible to restore the damaged archive in your case. If in the preview mode of the recovered data, you see files that can be extracted in the next step, then the program can be registered. Registering Recovery Toolbox for RAR takes only a few minutes and, of course, involves payment.

Like most software developers, the manufacturer Recovery Toolbox for RAR uses third-party services to process payments. At the same time, Recovery Toolbox, Inc. does not have access to use credit card information. After receiving the registration key by e-mail, you do not need to re-upload anything. Just enter the registration code into the program, which will remove all restrictions. As soon as all restrictions of Recovery Toolbox for RAR are removed, it will be possible to unpack not only the last damaged archive, and it is not a one-time service. You can work with various RAR archives as long as you like using a licensed copy of Recovery Toolbox for RAR.


I would like to say something like: make a backup, and you will be happy. But, unfortunately, this is not that case. Often, if the problem is not related to loading errors, the RAR archive already represents some kind of backup of more or less critical documents. Should you have several backups? Perhaps, but it is unlikely that most of the prudent users will think of such an option. Therefore, I can only advise you not to forget about the possibility. Add information for recovery when creating backups. Be sure to keep the archives on a different drive than the system one. Doing this increases the chances of a successful backup recovery in case of system errors.

If you suddenly unzipped the archive, but some of the documents attached to it do not open, try other programs to recover data from various formats. The developer of Recovery Toolbox for RAR is not limited to restore RAR archives. It offers a whole set of tools to retrieve documents from the most popular data formats.

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