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May 28, 2020

Latest Motorcycle Technology Trends 2020

With the exponential increase in traffic in urban cities as the years go by, driving a motorcycle seems to be a more attractive option than ever. It is more flexible, efficient, and liberating – you don’t have to waste as much time as people with cars usually have to because of your size and flexibility. You are not restricted to the size of the road or the traffic situations most cars have to be subject to.

Technology is actively evolving in order to take advantage of this trend. Lots of applications are being developed for more efficient usability of the motorcycle. Here are some of them:

1.      The proliferation of the e-bike

More and more electric motorcycles are being manufactured in this day and age. Apart from it being a greener alternative by taking away the need for the combustible engine, it also gives more leeway for design and safety options. More on the safety options in the following number.

2.      ABS (News - Alert), MSC, Side View assist

ABS stands for Anti-Lock Braking System while MSC means motorcycle stability control. These two, together with side-view assist, are the technologies that are slowly being incorporated into the motorcycle experience in order to increase safety measures and prevention of accidents.

3.      Light controls and signal functions

Motorcyclists invite more accidents when people on the road cannot see you. More creative illumination options are available now, such as those found on XK Glow. These technologies offer led lights for your ride – helping you keep safer and adding a little oomph to your aesthetics. Apart from that, these lights can be controlled on your mobile phone and can be adjusted for making traffic signals on the road as well.

4.      Smaller motorcycles for increased mobility.

These days, manufacturers are increasingly developing the technology for packing a bigger punch in the smaller vehicle. More and more of these two-wheelers are possessing increased power even for their size. This increased capacity helps lessen congestion and pollution on the road, increases efficiency for everyone, and makes mobility a resource everyone can access.

5.      AR motorcycle helmet

Developers are working to incorporate smartphone capabilities into a motorcycle rider’s helmet. With this comes a map that gets projected on the screen of your visor for easier navigation, a built-in camera light sensor, plus a mic, and headphones, so you can actually take calls without having to manipulate your phone or any other ancillary gadget. Apart from all these features, visibility technology is being added to help when riding in the rain, snow, or fog.

6.      Liquid cooled bikes

This capability helps reduce the noise you typically hear with motorcycle engines. Apart from the better design capabilities this offers, this also takes away the heat that bikers usually experience when the weather is especially warm.

These are just some of the technological trends we can expect to see on the road, if not now, soon enough. It is an exciting time for motorcyclists!

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