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May 18, 2020

Entry level job opportunities a preferred choice when deciding to relocate

When someone evaluates a place as a living option, availability of job opportunities is a primary concern. This evaluation becomes even more important when one has freshly passed out of college and is looking for an entry level job opportunity. 

The unemployment rate in America has seen the worst of times and there are a few states which are in a very pathetic condition. However, some states in America do offer promising entry levels jobs and thus are a key attraction for job seekers to move and grab the right opportunity. 

According to experts at Moving Feedback, a credible platform offering moving services to a diverse range of customers, people move rather quickly to a state if they realize that they can get jobs easily. 

As we are recommending to entry level jobs, we refer to the customer base that has limited skills and experience. States that we have mentioned in this article, offers suitable job opportunities that offer such individuals a chance to explore their talents and land a job that pays the rent. 

Based on a survey, Utah is the state that is ranked first in terms of entry level job availability and Nebraska s the last. The study was based on three key characteristics: unemployment rate, job growth and labor force participation rate. Unemployment rate was the measurement of the active workforce that is facing the unavailability of job options, while the labor force participation rate indicates the workforce percentage that is employed or searching for a job on an active basis. 

The list of top 10 states with great entry level job opportunities include:

  1. Utah

  2. Colorado

  3. Minnesota

  4. Hawaii

  5. Idaho

  6. New Hampshire

  7. North Dakota

  8. Wisconsin

  9. Massachusetts

  10. Nebraska

Let us dig in deeper about the employment stats in these key towns. 

Starting from the number 10th state Nebraska where men and women make the equal parts of the workforce diversity. The Nebraska Department of Labor concludes that the town offers great opportunities at entry level irrespective of gender.

Massachusetts, a city known for high paying jobs and incredible work environment, stands 9th in the ranking of states with entry level job opportunities. As per the 2019 Best States Rankings the state was however ranked no. 2 for its amazing entrepreneurship and patent creation. 

The 8th state in the ranking is Wisconsin. The unemployment rate in the state is calculated only 3% and it has amazing opportunities for people passionate about working in manufacturing units and dairies.

North Dakota acquired the seventh rank this time however in 2017, the state had the crown of being the largest employer in the United States of America. It has some of the most powerful and job generating companies including Sanford Health, Walmart and Altru Health System.

New Hampshire is adequately set at 6th rank in the list. The unemployment rate recorded here is 2.5%. The town is home to some of the highly paying employers including Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Fidelity Investments and Concord Hospital.

Standing tall with a record of having seventh-best job growth in the United States of America, Idaho records an unemployment rate of     2.8%. The state has employers with great work culture and employee benefits.

 The 4th and 3rd ranking is taken by Hawaii Minnesota, with Hawaii having the lowest unemployment rate in the country and Mayo Clinic in Minnesota offering job to more than 42000 Americans.

Colorado secures the second ranking however have a high unemployment rate. The state enjoys the title of Best state economy and offers job opportunities to entry level professionals in various industries.

Finally, Utah is the leading state in the United States of America with great employers and employment opportunities. The state has many reputed employers, Intermountain Healthcare, University of Utah and the state government are to name a few.

While these states offer great entry level job opportunities, there are a few jobs that are more promising than others. The list of the most lucrative entry level jobs in United States include:

  1. Cartographers and Photogrammetrists

  2. Computer Systems Analysts

  3. Management Analysts

  4. Web Developers

  5. Film and Video Editors

  6. Sales Engineers

  7. Technical Writers

  8. Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators

  9. Multimedia Artists and Animators

  10. Credit Counselors

The list was made by considering a few ranking factors including Location quotient: a measure of how common a job is in a given state, average annual entry-level salary and projected growth as an industry over the next 10 years. The survey is based on the data available on the official website of The Bureau of Labor Statistics. All these jobs demand different skills and education and are the best to gain experience and move further up the career ladder. 

While the unemployment rate is growing a few states have more promising opportunities than others and thus stand as preferred choice for relocation based on job search priorities.


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