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May 14, 2020

10 Top Educational Apps for Students

Being a student these days is much easier and more enjoyable than 10-15 years ago. Today, young people have access to all kinds of devices, useful sites, and applications that can significantly facilitate student life.

If you are already studying at a university or getting ready to become a student but you still don’t have useful applications for students on your smartphone, it’s time to download some of them!

Lecture notes, preparation for classes and exams, language learning, time management, basic safety rules, a healthy lifestyle, access to special student discounts and offers – coping with these and many other tasks is how special student mobile applications can help!

Introduction to Computer Programming

For students who prefer to study at their own pace, regardless of class, this educational application is an excellent tool. Including 13 lessons and 43 videos, the app teaches the basics of programming and an introduction to computer science. As for me, I use it rather often. Of course, it can’t do my computer science homework for me, but it is still really helpful.

Exam Countdown

This is a helpful application for students who are preparing for exams and tests, and those who just want to do their homework on time. The application counts the number of days, and even hours, to each important date and helps students remain punctual and prepared. SoundNote is a popular application for saving lectures that allows students to save materials in two formats at once – visual and audio – so as not to miss anything. You can also make quick sketches in the application, and the saved material can be transferred to a PC or sent by email.

Office Lens

This application allows you to scan text written on the board, and then make the text easy to read and convert the result to PDF, Word, or PowerPoint for further use.

Notes Plus

Notes Plus is a great application for those who want to get rid of the usual notebooks. It allows you to take notes and sketches in handwritten format right on the screen of your device.

Audio Memos

Students increasingly prefer to record lecture via audio, disassembling and taking notes after class, and this application allows you to make high-quality voice recordings where the teacher’s voice will be clearly distinguished, even if you are sitting at the other end of the class. This application is for fans of flash cards, which can be used to repeat the material, test yourself, or prepare for exams. The application uses the information of the training course to compile such cards, and also allows students to make cards themselves and share them with each other.

Oxford Dictionary

The application gives students online access to the latest version of the Oxford Dictionary, one of the most respected English dictionaries, which will be useful to anyone who studies in the English language.

Dragon Anywhere

If you are very tired, dictating text can be much easier than writing, so the best application for automatically typing dictated material can come to the rescue. The main feature is that the application itself adapts to the way you dictate, and it does not impose restrictions on the length of the text, although it only supports English and German. Timetable is one of the most popular time management applications with a simple interface that allows you to create a convenient schedule for the months ahead.

Class Timetable

This is another convenient application where you can create a simple and understandable class schedule for various subjects.If you have at least once compiled a bibliography, you know how difficult it is to check whether you have included all sources and followed the correct format. This application automatically generates a bibliography by scanning barcodes of books, and since bibliography styles vary depending on where you study, EasyBib offers bibliography compilation in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats. Sometimes during intense classes or preparation for exams, each student needs to abandon the outside world and focus on what is really important. In this application, you can set a certain time during which you will not be able to receive calls or SMS, and it will not even let you access social networks and other useless applications (fortunately, an exception can be made for the closest relatives and friends).

I love using different apps, so I couldn’t get past the most helpful ones for students. It turns out that apps are much more diverse than you might think. I hope that this article was helpful to you.

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