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May 12, 2020

How to choose a professional software development company?

Software development companies handle a lot of things – they provide infrastructure (such as databases and more) and cloud computing services, and also develop applications and websites.

Outsourcing a software development company is better from the perspective of the head of a company than buying and maintaining databases and hiring a whole IT crew. What should be taken into consideration while deciding on "the one" software development company?

Reviews and recommendations

The ideal company you finally choose should offer professional services, have an experienced staff, be affordable while still being cost-efficient, and perfectly suit the needs of your company. But how to know all of those things about a company that we have never had contact with before? Well, that is when the reviews and recommendations come into play. Reviews should be sought on independent websites while the recommendations from previews customers can be sent to you by the company you are interested in. 

Onshoring, offshoring, nearshoring

The choice of a software development company should be based also on the decision about where your partner would have their headquarters. Because software development is something that is done remotely, most of the time there is no need for the software development company to be near you. That is why you can outsource company:

- onshore, which means that the company would be placed within the borders of your country;

- nearshore, which means that the company would be located outside the country, but still near its borders;

- offshore, which means that the company can be even located on the other continent.

Offshoring can help to reduce the costs of software development services without deterioration in quality. But still, keeping that in mind, you need some knowledge about where to look for the best offshoring companies. Studies show that the best offshoring software development companies are located in Poland. So Poland should be the place to seek fine, cost-efficient services.

The importance of proper communication 

Of course, when you decide to outsource an offshoring software development company, there is a possibility of misunderstandings occurring. That is why, before you make the final decision, you should talk to the representatives of the company to see whether they use comprehensive language to communicate with their customers. What that means is that not only should they use proper English, but also that they should avoid using too many technical phrases that are not understandable to people from outside the industry. 

Customer service

The best software development companies do not only develop software but also offer expertise on the topic, keep in touch with their customers, and maintain the whole project even after it is finished, implemented and launched. People that, for example, wrote an application are the most qualified people to update it and improve it as time passes. That is why you should seek this kind of partnership with a software development company. 

This article was written in collaboration with a software development company.

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