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May 12, 2020

Evolution of Vaping Technology

The first quarter 21st century is proving to be an era in which new products are developed and become popular very quickly. This is most notable in areas where miniaturisation and technology are involved. The vaping industry is a good example. Faced with an alternative to smoking cigarettes – the traditional nicotine cigarette having been banned in public places in many countries across the world – ingenious minds came up with the idea of the vape pen, e-cigarette, and other vaping implements.

The first vaping device was officially launched in 2003, in the Chinese market, and resembled traditional cigarettes – hence the ‘e-cigarette’ tag (News - Alert). Now, the vaping market is massive worldwide, as recent research into e-cigarette usage confirms. If you consider the timespan involved, to go from a brand-new product that likely had niche appeal in its original market to a multi-billion-dollar world-wide industry in just 17 or so years is quite remarkable. So, how has vaping technology evolved?

Fourth Generation

It’s also remarkable that the fourth generation of vaping products is now hitting the shops. These represent the most efficient vaping devices ever seen, but the basic premise remains the same. The typical vape pen or e-cigarette involves a battery, a coil for heating and an atomizer. The substance for vaping is put into the required cavity or cartridge and is heated to the point where it becomes vapor, which is then ‘smoked’.

The development of a more efficient type of battery for vape pen use is just one of the more specific advances that have been made across the years, and the very latest offer a longer life and better operating parameters and qualities, but it is perhaps the sheer variety of products on the market now that is the biggest difference to that of just 10 years ago.

The latest trends in vaping technology are focused largely on users who wish to customize or personalize their vape kits. Whereas in the recent past you could buy only a few examples, now you can choose from a comprehensive and extensive range of options in terms of vaping kits, mods, pens and more, and it’s the accessories market that is adding to the ongoing growth of the market.

The rise of ‘Luxury’ vaping products – which feature higher wattage power output for better heating, LCD displays, selectable temperature controls and more special additions – shows just how demand is changing as the devices become more popular and sophisticated. In a short time we have gone from Henry Ford’s (News - Alert) famous ‘you can have any colour as long as it is black’ to a simply bewildering range of options.

The Future of the Vaping Market

There is no doubt at all that the rapid expansion of the vaping market is nowhere close to slowing down, as more people take up vaping, even those who did not previously smoke. Indeed, the legalization of CBD and cannabis products has had a major impact on the vape mod market, as it is now commonplace to vape weed and CBD oils, this being a highly effective method of enjoying one’s chosen substance.

A further driving factor is the expansion in the range of different flavored vape oils and other products, making the idea of vaping far more attractive to a new range of potential customers, not just ex-smokers and cannabis users. We won’t go into the available flavors here, as it is sufficient to say that the choice is endless!

Vaping is here to stay, and while the latest fourth generation devices are the best that have existed, manufacturers are already looking at new techniques, different materials, and ways to improve the vaping experience for future generations.

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