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May 06, 2020

What's the latest Advancement to See in Garage Door Technology?


We always look for smart options to keep our space secure. Due to the latest innovations in technology, there is no more use of ordinary garage door openers. People are now moving towards the automated ones that are crafted to make garage doors stronger than before. These garage door openers come with improved features and ensure homeowners live safer. One can now operate the garage door from anywhere without much effort. Now, we are discussing those advancements that took place in one of the best garage door openers technology to make things easier.

The Very First Is Time-based Technology: It is easy for anyone to enter the home if there is no security. If you don’t want to happen this, then the time has come to make use of time-based technology. This latest innovation in garage door opener helps make garage door works automatically, offering great peace of mind to homeowners. Even, you need not worry in case if you forget to close your garage door. There is an option to set the time according to you and make the garage door close. Plus, there is one “disable” button that helps keep the door open as long as you want.

The Ease of Using Smartphone app: Looking into more advanced, a smartphone app is another latest innovation that helps control the garage door with ease and from anywhere. These apps are designed to bring garage doors in movement with just a few clicks. Even, when one is far away and wants to open or close the garage door can make use of a smartphone app and operate the garage door accordingly.

Sensors for Detecting Objects: The role of the sensors is to detect objects that come in between when doors are about to close. It is the most valuable feature that one can see in the garage door in the current time. By detecting the objects, sensors send alert to homeowners so that they remove the objects and make the garage door work. This safety feature proves to be beneficial for those who have small kids at home.

Go With Bluetooth Connectivity: Security is a common concern of homeowners for a long time. There are also automated garage door openers available with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. In simple words, the door openers can either work directly with your vehicle or via Bluetooth. Bluetooth inside your smartphone make the garage door sense the vehicle. The addition of this technology indeed eases the lives of many homeowners.

Best Garage Door Openers and Advancements….

In the year 2020, you will get through a vast array of garage door openers that are available for secure vehicle parking. They are incredibly reliable, budget-friendly, and equipped with the best technology. From Chamberlain C410, B970 to Genie ChainMax 1000, they all work on advanced technology so that homeowners can operate the garage door with ease.

MyQ technology: Most of the garage door openers carry the latest technology – MyQ. It is a kind of app that one needs to install in a smartphone and operate the garage door with the help of it. There are different options available that allow you to operate your garage door at your convenience. It works with a good Wi-Fi connection. All you need is to download the app, set up your account, and operate the door with few clicks.

Safe-T Beam: Some models also come with Safe-T beam technology. And the best example of this is ChainMax 1000. With this advancement, one ensures that no accidents happen when the garage door in working. Another, amazing thing about this opener type is its motor that works on 140 volts, helping lift heavy doors.

Rolling code technology: This technology helps keep the burglars away by generating a new code each time the remote is in use.  Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 is the opener that has this technology inside it.

Triband technology: Chamberlain C410 is a door opener that comes with “Triband” technology. One of the fantastic things about this technology is that it allows the remote to operate up to the 1500 feet range. 

Anti-vibration technology: Features with the anti-vibration technology, Chamberlain B970 garage door opener ensures smooth and quiet operation for years to come. 

The market is full of garage door openers. Some have smart features and a few have built-in Wi-Fi. If safety matters for you, then always pick the garage door opener equipped with advanced technology. This will not only avoid unwanted break-in but also make you live a life in a better way. Hope! This guide helps you make the right decision for your home.

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