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May 06, 2020

Consider Using These 6 Technologies While Renovating Your Home

If you are looking into renovating and remodeling your home this year, then you are in for a treat. The home decor industry has changed drastically in the last few years owing to technological advancements. Remodeling is not just about beautifying your home now but fitting it with the latest technology. Here are a few things you should look into before renovating your house.

1. 3D Printing:

To beautify your home, you need not depend on the store brought designs anymore as 3D printing lets you customize the decor designs based on your preference. This applies not only to soft furnishings as you can also customize everything starting from molding, wallpaper, flooring, and curtain walls.

2. Virtual Design:

In earlier days, the best way you could visualize how the entire home decor design would turn up to look like was by imagining it in your head or making a 2D mood board. There are software programs now that let you build a design and visualize it in 3D. This helps you choose the right decor easily as you know exactly how the home will look after it has been remodeled.

3. Using the Internet of Things (IoT):

The next thing that many homeowners are requesting the designers is to integrate all the appliances by connecting them to a network for convenience. Using digital assistance lets you make a request to the appliances to turn on or off, even when you are not present in the room. This does not just affect the functioning of the house but also the placement of furniture pieces, the orientation of the room, and the wiring as well.

4. Remote Accessibility:

Not just from your home but using smartphones connected to the network, you can control certain smart home features even when you are outside. IoT allows you to do certain things like setting the temperature of your home using your phone so that the temperature is just right when you come home. You can also connect this to the security system to know who is coming in and going out of your house in real-time.

5. Smart Storage:

As the urban homes are getting smaller and smaller, there is no room for large walk-in closets anymore in most households. People are seeking for space-efficient designs like a TV that drops from the ceiling or hides in the cabinets. Similarly, the staircase that has small drawers under each step. Open space is the trending home design now that is the reason why most people prefer hidden storage spaces and do not wish to waste any unwanted home space to design an enormous storage room.

6. Ease of Shopping:

Home decoration is not about going from shop to shop to find decor items anymore, as things have simplified because of online shopping sites. This means, if you have a limited budget, you need not hire someone to remodel the house. You can order anything from any corner of the world and use that to decorate your home. You can do a DIY project and make simple modifications like using wallpapers or painting the wall and refurbishing the furniture. You can do even tasks that seem difficult like changing the floor if you choose flooring options like bamboo flooring that can be ordered online and you can easily install it yourself.


Technology helps your uncertainty vanish as you can visually see how your room will look when the renovation is done. This confidence lets homeowners make quick decisions and jump into the remodeling project right away. At the end, they end up with a beautiful, secure, and efficient home- thanks to technology!

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