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May 06, 2020

6 Ways to increase your chances for a dream job

In today’s disarray and saturated job market, most people overlook the idea of finding a long-dreamed job. Given the abundance in competition, they believe that landing on a steady job is dreamy enough. 

If you truly are a “career-geek” and you simply can't get enough with an old job, but instead want something that lights you up, makes an impact and pays you well, then it is time to stop dreaming and make this dream a reality. 

Here are some common but often overlooked tips that will help you go after your long-dreamed job regardless of the niche you choose.

1. Research thoroughly

It goes without saying that the first thing you could possibly do for your own good is to research thoroughly all of the job ads that spark your curiosity and set notification of all sorts of jobs. We all know that weird feeling between excitement and dread that comes along with an invitation to an interview. However, if you are aiming high, it would be best to get to know that company's strong suits.

A sure way to convince your interviewer that you know that company well is to be able to convey what it truly makes them special compared to their competitors. One way you can learn more about their mission and values is through the "About Us" section displayed on almost every company's website. Make sure you research thoroughly and sort out what might be different in your chosen company than others. For example, if you are seeking a position in a marketing agency, "commitment to client service" is something that its competitors possess, too, but if one of their values happens to be sustainability, you would better go for it.  

2. Build your resume accordingly

People often make the rookie error of sending out the same copy, pasted resume when they apply for their dream job. But if you aim higher, you should stop making the same mistake as it is the single best way you can make sure they will notice you.

An honest resume, about your experience and how everything you have learned so far will help you excel or add value and continuity to the position you're planning to occupy. And, because you have already taken time to search thoroughly about their insides and their needs, you will provide them with the best evidence.

3. Do not hesitate to show off your merits

After you crafted a stellar resume, make sure to highlight your best accomplishment and skills, such as certification or advanced degrees, that might differentiate you from other applicants. You can simply create a well-customized cover letter that sells out how suited you are for that job.

Simply put, you should not repeat what is on your resume, but instead, take additional steps and clearly tell your potential employers what truly inspires you about their mission and how your unique background, character, and great skills that will make you the ideal candidate for that job.

4. Get ready for the big day

Take your time to practice answering interview questions and your posture. This will help you avoid the anxiety you will probably get when asked during the interview. This will increase your chances to practice and prepare answers and will soothe your nerves as you will not struggle to find an answer while you are in the middle of a query.

Make sure you conduct the practice interview as you would do it in the real one. For instance, if it is a phone interview, you can always ask a friend to help you practice the questions and answers over the phone. If it is face to face one, practice your body posture and answers as much as you can with someone you can rely on.

5. Prepare a query for your potential employer

Preparing your questions long before an interview, might help you get rid of anxiety feelings and will help you take control over your emotions in no time. These questions will help you find out valuable information about the company you are aiming at. For instance, having a short query for the interviewing team will help you determine whether the workplace or the job is right for you. From benefits, salary, and work culture, all these are essential elements that will make or break the idea of a dream job.  

6. Send a thank-you email

As soon as you have finished your interview, make sure you get home soon enough to send your interviewing team a thank-you email. Consider this as a follow-up "sales" letter highlighting the reason you want the job, your qualifications and how you can make a valuable contribution to their value. Patrick Algrim, CEO of told us, "Thank you emails are one of the best ways to stand out as a candidate, they can increase your chances of employment by more than 45%."

A thank-you email can also be a great opportunity to discuss anything of importance that you or your potential employer neglected to ask or to answer.

If you already have a job interview on your schedule, you'd better take enough time to prepare. Most probably, you heard it dozens of times, but taking enough time to prepare for an interview in advantage will increase your chances of securing a long-dreamed job. Identify your best strengths, skills, questions, and answers and visualize them as your arsenal for the big day.

Practice your speech thoroughly, and make sure your resume is in the perfect structure for the position you are planning to occupy. Even though it may seem in place, your resume might lack essential traits that could influence the interviewer's opinion regarding your competence. Moreover, another great way to succeed is to find out as much as you can not only about the position itself but also about a company and its culture. This will prove your examiner that you care about their company and that you are genuinely determined to occupy a function.

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