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April 28, 2020

WaveMaker provides application modernization

WaveMaker is a platform that prides itself on doing all the heavy lifting for those looking to update their initiatives and carry out application modernization.

What is application modernization?

This is the method of making applications scalable through the use of modern technology stacks. Through refactoring, re-purposing or consolidating legacy software, developers are able to reinvent their applications to align more closely with business requirements.

Modernizing legacy applications is the key to successful digital transformation, bringing countless benefits that cannot be achieved through one-off tactical migrations.

How does WaveMaker avoid business disruption?

Utilizing low-code, WaveMaker enables integration with existing systems, componentized development, code-generation, API-creation, microservices, and container-based delivery. This means it can modernize all layers of app development, ensuring it is all updated as required and no specific area is forgotten or neglected in this process.

The UI/UX layer improves the customer experience and allows multi-channel app delivery. The architecture layer creates an opportunity for API-driven development and microservices architecture. These two layers combined with the infrastructure and ops mean that you can build modern, cloud-native applications quickly.

Developers can be confident that their business will not be negatively impacted throughout the process of modernization. The reason for this is that the ability to renew, rebuild and re-engineer legacy applications without any business disruption.

DevOps modernization creates an agile approach to application modernization, resulting in operational modernization that benefits developers and application users alike for business continuity.

Benefits of application modernization

Users of WaveMaker can benefit from quickly turning existing application functionality into consumable APIs, without the need to rewrite an entire application. By doing this, the cost is significantly lower while developers end up with a fully functional, suitable application that has been modernized instead of starting from the beginning with a new application.

Another benefit is that it can reduce the amount of time it takes to get it to market, reducing wasted time and making the processes flow smoothly and as efficiently as possible. With templates and prefabs, WaveMaker ensures that developers are able to create front-ends that immediately work and are responsible for visitors, reducing downtime due to development or application amendments.

WaveMaker’s use of open-standards-based stack also means that extension and customization of applications are completely possible, meaning future developments can take place easily.

By opting to develop your app in a way that enables modernization, you can be confident that it is a long-term software investment that will be beneficial in the long run. The reason for this is that having code access and open-standards commitment from WaveMaker means the code remains portable and can be adapted as required to meet changing objectives and requirements. In addition to this, the ability to have hierarchical, role-based access control throughout, with OWASP top 10 compliance for iron-clad security and peace of mind.

Renew, re-build, re-platform

WaveMaker is built for uninterrupted modernization. It is a platform for developers to quickly create new user experiences and interfaces that integrate with existing systems and data.

It also means existing applications can be wrapped and extended, tying in new functionalities as well as building API wrappers and offline apps, or even adopting a new tech stack.

Developers can transition apps to newer platforms for simplified maintenance and scaling, with WaveMaker.

Modernization made simple

Those who run application modernization through WaveMaker can enjoy cost-efficient enhancements that can be quickly made live and enjoyed by visitors to the application. Whatever the extent of the need for modernization, this can be tailored and achieved, meeting objectives quickly, efficiently and safely.

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