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April 23, 2020

Technological Background Behind Free Online Slots

Since the end of the 20th century, slot games have grown together with the development of technology. Apart from getting an online form, they also became available for mobile phones.

The mechanism of old-school slot machines was indeed interesting, which is why many people wanted to know all about it. After all, it was common knowledge that the more you “feed” the slot with coins, the higher the probability to hit the jackpot.

While the understanding of the technology behind slots back then might have had an influence on players’ winnings, this is far from the truth today. The electronic form of the game made it clear that the outcome is purely based on luck. Therefore, players generally lost interest in finding out how it all works.

Yet, due to many technological advancements, online slot games have drastically changed in several aspects — design and graphics, programming, functionality, music, and security.

If you are one of those rare players who want to find out more about the tech background of these aspects of free online slots, this article will provide you with everything you need to know. Enjoy!

Design and Graphics

If you mostly play free slots, that means you are not in this story for the money. Hence, design and graphics will be some of the most significant characteristics for you. After all, they are the first thing you notice when you open any slot game.

Since you play free slots solely for fun, you will appreciate various themes slots take inspiration from. New slot games are designed with the help of animation tools and digital art. This means that a graphics designer can use specific software to create a slot in any way imaginable.

Apart from classic 2D slots, 3D slots are slowly becoming standard as well. Moreover, a few 4D titles like IGT’s Ghostbusters 4D slot have hit the online gaming scene, too.


There are some well-known software or language names you can hear from the programmers— HTML, Java, and CSS (News - Alert). HTML 5, in particular, is vital for the development of new slot titles as it enhances the overall performance of the games without forcing you to install annoying add-ons. If you are interested to discover more about HTML5 and the way it’s being used, take a look at this article.

When it comes to real-money slots, there is one more crucial component called the Random Number Generator (RNG), a tool built to ensure random outcomes and prevent fraud.


In terms of functionality, online slots have improved significantly. Once simple video games are now essential components of the online gaming industry. Modern free online slots can be played in virtual rooms with up to six players taking turns at spinning the reels.


Music in the background of slots has also changed throughout the years. Some of the most recent slots feature not only one song but their own soundtrack. Usually, the soundtrack of a slot is created according to the slot’s theme.

Some free online slot games have kept the classic background music and simply use a song of any genre. Of course, as the already existing music cannot be used due to copyrights, slot providers have designated teams in charge of this.


Security is something no game developer should joke about. Even if you play online slots for free, you need to create an account in an online casino and enter your personal information.

Also, for those players who choose real-money slots, it is important that the slot is fair and random, which is why the RNG is necessary.

The technology in charge of this aspect of slots, as well as every other online game, is usually the 128-bit SSL encryption that keeps your details safe and RNG intact.

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