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March 30, 2020

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Threats: Essentials You Will Need

You cannot fight COVID-19 yourself, but you can protect yourself from cyber threats and viruses: what to look for when choosing an antivirus software?

Due to the current situation in the world, many employees switched to work from home. However, working from a computer through a network has a number of threats, like Internet viruses, spam emails, and phishing.

Electronic "viruses" are a real electronic epidemic, the fight against which is possible only with the help of top antivirus products.

Now there are many anti-malware softwares on the network, but before you choose antivirus based on ready-made reviews, you need to understand: what this software is aimed at and for what purpose you want to use it. There is a classification of antiviruses, after familiarization with which it will be easier for you to choose an antivirus specifically for your goals and preferences.

Classification of antivirus solutions

 1. Classic and combined

Based on the used technologies, antivirus software is divided into classic and combined software. Classic solutions are usually based either on signature detection techniques or on proactive defense methods. In a combined solution, both methods work in parallel.

An example of classic projective protection is the Avast antivirus program, made on the basis of Nitro technology. It is characterized by high speed and does not load the system, like most other classic programs.

 2. Multifunctionality

The level of functionality plays a vital role in the success of antivirus software. There is also a classification for classic and combined software. Classic solutions work mainly only against viruses, and combined ones block spam, provide traffic control, encrypt, and protect data.

Among the combined products, a worthy solution is Symantec (News - Alert) products. It has a complex of five protective functions, with which it resists attacks of various kinds:

  • antivirus
  • personal firewall
  • HIPS systems (intrusion protection)
  • virtual environment
  • sandboxes

3. Target (News - Alert) platforms

Anti-virus software is also classified according to its destination for target platforms. They, in turn, are divided into:

  1. For operating systems of the Windows family.

  2. For macOS family operating systems.

  3. For operating systems of mobile platforms, etc.

Such a classification by target platforms allows you to choose a solution for a corporate using for a specific object:

  • workstation
  • mail gateway
  • file server
  • terminal server station
  • cloud server

Material Support of Antiviruses

No matter how best the antivirus is positioned, any product of this class is, first of all, judged by the quality of virus signatures. Work bases are the foundation of security software. Therefore, choosing an antivirus is worth paying attention to indicators that evaluate its functionality.

Such data is often indicated in reviews but can be found on other resources too. The most popular resource is AV-TEST, which conducts comprehensive testing of antiviruses checking the level of protection, speed of performance and false positives, and other indicators.

Free or Paid (News - Alert) Antiviruses

This indicator also plays a significant role in choosing an antivirus solution.

Free antiviruses provide a basic level of protection. You can choose any free antivirus, as they all provide a classic set of functions. However, it is worth considering the fact that due to the lack of some features, such programs can skip viruses and have no opportunity to cope with some threats.

It will be much more correct to purchase a paid antivirus. You can choose the antivirus that is produced in your country, as it is more adapted to regional threats. In another case - rely on indicators of the level of functionality and performance.

System Requirements

An important factor when choosing an antivirus is the system requirements. If the computer is not new, then an incorrectly selected antivirus can greatly slow down its operation.

Then there is no sense from the antivirus, even if it has a built-in optimization function. In this case, you can use the free trial version for 30 days to test the antivirus. On the other hand, select an antivirus for your operating system and installed software version.


Thus, to choose the right antivirus for protection against different threats and viruses, it is necessary to pay attention to its purpose, level of functionality, material support, pricing policy, and system requirements. Make a short abstract for yourself on key features and select an antivirus solution based on it. To do this, use Internet resources or special reviews on antivirus products.


Harry Brown 

Experienced and tech-savvy reviewer, Harry knows exactly what to expect from good antivirus software. His professional life was and is closely connected with cyber security and cybercrime prevention. It gave him the necessary vision of how perfect protection should function. It will be difficult to imagine that Harry would miss any modern tech security innovation – once it is launched, it should be studied and “dissected.” He understands how important it is to always stay up to date and that is 99% percent of success. Therefore, Harry Brown’s motto is to keep on moving and exploring the new technological paths. He has personally tested all the most popular solutions available in the market, and his all-round unbiased reviews will make it easier for you to choose the antivirus that suits you best.  

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