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March 30, 2020

TotalAV Essentials: Is It Worth Your Attention?

Today, good software should protect your computer not only from malware, it also has to have protocols to prevent hacker attacks, phishing attempts, and even physical theft of your device. In her blog, Alice McDonald writes about TotalAV as about one including the most reliable malware detection tools and using unique features to provide more comprehensive protection. So, what are the highlights from her review? Here they go.

The Overall Impression

TotalAV is a relatively lightweight software that includes several add-ons. Along with malware protection, you get anti-phishing protocols and a virtual private network for protection when using public networks. There is also a remote firewall that you can set up from different devices, and a password manager to protect your credentials from stealing. The ad blocker eliminates annoying ads when you’re online and also prevents adware from infecting your computer. Besides, there is a disk cleaning program for optimizing your PC, which removes unnecessary files to speed up your gear.


The most important thing for the user about the antivirus is how well the product can protect against malware, ransomware, spyware, and other attacks. In this regard, TotalAVdoes great. The company is relatively young, so it does not have such a reputation as its competitors, but its protection level allows it to be an adequate player in the market. The first test was that TotalAV had to scan the computer and find the folder into which the malware was downloaded. Consecutively, it detected and deleted more than two-thirds of the malicious files, and created a single notification for all these actions, which is a huge user experience plus.

Powerful Virus Detection

Another impressive thing about TotalAV is that it works when it detects viruses that have already entered the computer before. In the test, the antivirus detected every single infected file and was able to quarantine or delete it, even though it took quite a while. Using its security tools, the antivirus scans malware while visiting websites and checking for suspicious links. However, if you really need enhanced protection for online activities, you can use the Web Shield extension (it is available for both Chrome and Firefox). When you open the browser with Web Shield on, the program stops almost 90% of the malware threatens your security.

Intelligible Interface

The anti-phishing protection is another useful feature of the antivirus for those who are worried about privacy. It may not be as extensive as that of other specialized programs, but TotalAV manages to protect your data and save your computer from dangerous sites. It is a great plus since phishing sites do not always look dangerous at first sight. One of the greatest benefits of downloading TotalAV Antivirus Pro or Ultimate Antivirus is that you get a handy antivirus guide. Its digital guide includes many resources on how to protect your gear most effectively, how to detect malware, and what to do when you find it.

Comprehensive Computer Protection

It is great news for TotalAV users that it has a firewall to protect against any incoming attacks. You can also control the firewall settings for your devices remotely to stay safe, even if you are not on your PC at the moment. If your device is downloading a dangerous file or malware, your firewall will always notify you before it becomes a problem. Again, the remote control of the settings is available in the paid plan.

Secure Internet Connection via VPN

One of the most outstanding add-ons in TotalAV is the VPN service, which provides anonymous browsing and does not allow anyone to take over your data. The Safe Browsing tool encrypts all your data while browsing and disguises your IP address for safe browsing on the Internet. Many antivirus packages do not include VPN, so it is a huge advantage of TotalAV, and more importantly, the VPN service works well. You have no complications finding the right connection, and it takes a few minutes to access the content you are looking for. Moreover, Safe Browsing is available on all devices supported by TotalAV, namely PC, Mac, iOS devices, as well as Android (News - Alert) tablets and smartphones.

Bottom Line

Finally, the set of features that TotalAV offers its customers is quite impressive, especially regarding the fact that the suggested features work quite well. For those who are still looking for a comprehensive protection system, this antivirus is a great option in terms of usability, add-ons, online protection, and scanning features, which are all great reasons to give it a try!


Alice McDonald

This woman is the Security Expert at She has been a part of the industry for decades and knows precisely how to make an otherwise dull technical article equally useful and exciting for regular users. A security professional herself, Alice is friends with the leaders in the field and is always happy to share some in-depth analysis and interviews with the best of the best. Back in the days, she used to be a website developer and software engineer. That strong background, along with knowledge of Internet marketing, allows her to be a leading expert in the field. Online security is a huge issue today, but thanks to professionals like Alice, you'll be able to protect yourself on the World Wide Web. Alice will tell you exactly what antivirus package you'll need for your PC/phone/ another device in a matter of seconds! Education: Iowa State University, Information Security Department. Working experience: website deweloper (4 years), security specialist at E&M Technologies (for 2 years). Hobby: technical writing, QA engineering, foreign languages 

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