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March 19, 2020

Student Guide: How to Protect Your Data While Using Essay Writing Services

Nowadays, thousands of students use essay writing services to create successful papers for their needs. How to protect your data while using essay writing services without leaking? Read our article to get useful tips about online safety.

Useful Tips on Protecting Your Data

If you need effective tips on protecting your data online, use these things to increase your safety:

  1. Use a VPN. It allows any user to browse without a risk of being spied by hackers. When a user logs online, someone may collect their data. With a VPN, you can protect your data and secure your privacy. Any student can find a great number of VPNs online to use absolutely for free.
  2. Make strong passwords. It's not a secret that a big amount of students use weak passwords. The most common ideas are a date of birth or digits of your phone number.  We suggest using strong passwords that contain letters and numbers as well as special symbols. For those people who cannot think up good passwords, it will be useful to upload password generators.
  3. A password manager will be helpful. Usually, people have tons of different passwords on various sites. Of course, it's impossible to memorize them all. Everyone knows it's inappropriate to write these things on a piece of paper and store it on your desk. A password manager can save all your passwords without any risk.
  4. Make sure you use a secure email provider. Pay attention that not every free or popular email provider is secure. In this case, hackers can collect data from emails. When you use a secure provider, it means all your emails are encrypted to keep the data anonymous. Some providers even offer to delete old emails to prevent stealing data.

How to Protect the Data of Your Credit Card When Buying Essays Online

When students ask writing services to help with their essays, they need to use a credit card to pay online. We have prepared several effective hints on protecting your credit card data:

  1. Use only well-known companies. Cooperate only with reliable and trustworthy writing services that have a lot of good feedback. Don't be lazy and read about the company before ordering your paper. Most experienced services offer guarantees on confidentiality to ensure their clients about safety. 
  2. Don't use public WiFi (News - Alert). Of course, it's free, fast, and tempting. But when you use public WiFi, anyone can spy on you and see your online activity. Never make any payments using a public WiFi. Remember you can only read blogs or find some information on the Internet. Use a good VPN to hide your address and prevent spying.
  3. Check for HTTPS encryption always. This is a security protocol on websites. If you visit a site without it, don't make any online payments there because it's unsafe. It's also quite important to make a good password. With a weak password, anyone can get your credit card data.
  4. Don't give too much information. Check out what kind of personal data you have to share, and never provide more than required. For example, some writing services are asking for sharing your home address when others collect only email addresses. Make sure you are giving only that information you have to share.
  5. Be careful to recognize phishing scams. Sometimes, hackers send emails with tempting proposals. For example, it may be a letter claiming you received a 50% discount on the writing service. Once when a user clicked on the link, he or she is redirecting to the unsafe site where a hacker can steal their personal data. So, check out thoroughly who sent the message and don't trust strangers.
  6. Don't use old software. Not every device can protect your data. Don't forget to keep your software updated and check it for viruses. Many hackers like old software because it's easy to attack. Make sure you have a reliable antivirus program to prevent online attackers.
  7. Use a temporary credit card number for online payments. Banks offer to provide you with temporary card numbers that are unique for each payment online. Check out if your bank offers this service and protect your credit card data easily!

How the Writing Services Protect Students' Data

When you're contacting a trustworthy writing company and ask: "Can you please write a paper for me?",  make sure they guarantee full confidentiality. Read confidentiality policy to check out they have the next things:

  • Encrypted connection. It means that nobody else can steal data because the connection between your device and the company's server is encrypted. If the agency mentions this, it's a good sign.
  • No sharing data with anyone else. Of course, writing agencies need to collect private information of their clients. But the company has to confirm they keep this data secure without sharing it with the third parties from their encrypted databases.
  • Data security audit. Make sure the company takes data security checks to keep the private information of clients safe. It's always simpler to prevent leaks before something happens.
  • Secure payment systems. Check out if the writing company uses only secure systems to make online payments. Never make a payment until you're sure it's 100% safe. It will save you from being spied on by hackers.   

The Internet helps people to do many things they wouldn't be able to do without an online connection. But at the same time, there is a risk to share your personal data or credit card information with attackers. Before you make an order on the website and ask professionals to create a wonderful essay for you, please make sure it's safe to collaborate with a certain company. We also suggest using websites with good recommendations. If your friends already had a deal with a particular team of writers, there are fewer chances to get problems with security. Of course, there is no reason to be afraid of this, but you should read and check everything twice before you do something.

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