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March 17, 2020

Best ways to grow Instagram followers organically?

Having more than one billion monthly active users worldwide, Instagram is the best tool to connect and engage with your target audience. Having a large Instagram follower base means you can reach more people and get more views on your content. Most big brands are looking out for Instagram creators with large followers, so their promotions can reach more people. Having more Instagram followers makes you an influencer, increasing your likelihood to get the chance to promote more brands and make more money.

But unless you are a world-renowned star, such as Ariana Grande or Dwayne Johnson, growing your Instagram account can be a challenge. You have to establish your Instagram brand, and that takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. But using the right Instagram marketing strategy can make your task a lot easier. Here’re some practical tips to get organic Instagram followers.

Make your profile stand out

The first thing that Instagram users see is your profile. Your profile and bio can make or break your Instagram brand. Use your profile to make a great first impression on your audience. Your Instagram profile should compel people to follow you. Besides your profile picture and website link, make your profile shine with a short bio about yourself. It is also a good idea to add emojis and use relevant hashtags in your bio. 

Post high-quality content and be consistent

Firstly, High-Quality content gives you a chance to monetize your Instagram account. Create content that you think can go viral. It doesn’t mean you should be a professional photographer, but you should at least know how to make your pictures look good. Learn how to create unique, catchy photos and videos and how to use Instagram filters. Using Instagram stories is yet another effective way to get more followers.

Secondly, be consistent in your posting schedule. Make sure to create a content calendar and post a mix of content to remain interesting. Use a spreadsheet or a Google (News - Alert) Sheet to plan your content and do some research about the right time to post each content. Posting at least once a day can keep you connected with your followers and get you more followers.

Engage with your followers

Interacting with your existing followers is the key to get more real people following you. Be nice and respond to your followers, and your followers will, in turn, promote your content. Following other Instagram users and engaging with their content can also help expand your follower base. Think about an established Instagram influencer who likes your content and shares it or follows you. It could add thousands of new followers to your Instagram account.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are excellent for categorizing your content and reaching more people. Hashtags allow you to show your content to people with particular interests. But make sure to use only content-related hashtags to avoid penalties. Use targeted and content-specific hashtags instead of generic ones.

Is Instagram growth service safe?

Instagram organic growth is always safe because it gets you real followers. The above-explained strategies are legitimate ways to promote your account. These methods are actually how Instagram wants you to grow your brand on the platform.

However, beware of growing your Instagram with services that offer you tens of thousands of followers within days. These are bot-generated followers. Buying Instagram followers comes with penalties and may even get you banned from the digital platform.


As a newbie Instagram user, you want to grow your followers and appeal to brands and companies. Using the organic growth strategies explained above and working with dedication and passion can eventually help you achieve your goal. But it’s better to be safe than sorry: avoid buying Instagram followers at all costs. Only use legitimate Instagram marketing strategies.

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