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March 17, 2020

Advances in Sleep Technology: Popular Products Changing the Industry

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to maintain your health but it isn’t always easy. Millions of people are plagued by sleep problems, which often have knock-on effects. If you’re aren’t getting enough sleep, you’ll feel sluggish and lethargic and you may even experience memory problems. What’s more – too little sleep means your body is more vulnerable to illness and takes longer to repair itself.

If you’re struggling to get a decent night’s rest, you may find that sleep aids help to improve your sleep quality. With a variety of sleep tech to choose from, there are plenty of options to explore. To get a head-start, take a look at these popular sleep aids which are revolutionizing the industry:

1. Automated Lighting

The impact of artificial lighting on sleep quality is well-known. People have been using blackout blinds and light alarms for quite some time, so what’s new about sleep-focused lighting? As you might expect, advances in technology have made automated lighting more intuitive than ever before.

You can now integrate automated lighting into your smart home setup and combine it with other hardware, software, and apps. This creates a personalized environment, which can be tailored to your exact needs and sleep style.

2. Smart Sleep Masks

Based on the technology used by NASA to help their astronauts get some decent shut-eye, smart sleep masks use red and blue lights to modify your body clock. By telling your body when to rest and when to wake up, you can overcome environmental factors and get the right amount of sleep.

Although anyone can benefit from using a smart sleep mask to boost their sleep quality, these are particularly popular with shift workers. If you have to sleep during the day and work at night, sleep tech, like sleep masks, can help you to overcome environmental issues and achieve restful sleep.

3. Hybrid Mattresses

When you think of the latest sleep tech, the humble mattress probably isn’t what springs to mind. However, the technology in mattresses has become quite advanced and innovative brands are incorporating a range of tech into their products. With a hybrid mattress, for example, you can combine the best of sleep technology to create a comfortable and supportive environment in which to sleep.

Responsive coils, pressure-relieving memory foam, and copper-infused materials are changing the way we sleep and providing relief to the millions of people who are battling sleep problems. With endless options to choose from, including sustainable, organic and eco-friendly mattresses, you may find that the most advanced and effective sleep technology is built into your next mattress.

4. Mind Control

Bringing sleep lab technology into the home, an advanced headband monitors electrical activity in your brain and teaches you how to change the brain waves that control your sleep patterns. What’s more – many products do this in a fun way and use games to help you change the way you sleep.

Using real-time technology and neurofeedback therapy, you can even monitor your brain waves and see how they change depending on your actions. If an EEG headband sounds a little too advanced, there’s no need to worry. The comfortable design ensures you’ll forget you’re wearing your headband, while app connectivity offers an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Designed to increase the amount of sleep you get, as well as the quality of your sleep, this is tech that can benefit even chronic insomniacs.

5. Temperature Maintenance

Your body temperature plays a significant role in your sleep cycle. With a smart band, you can measure your temperature throughout the night and make the most of an intuitive, fluid-filled wearable headband that helps you to maintain optimal sleeping temperatures.

Staying cool doesn’t just make you more comfortable in bed, it reduces brain activity and promotes sleep too. If you routinely feel too hot in bed or wake up to kick the covers off, a wearable temperature-control headband could be the sleep tech you’re looking for.

Choosing the Best Sleep Tech

Finding the best sleep tech depends on your individual sleep habits and your environment. By choosing a device which combats your own sleep issues and enhances your bedroom, you can reap the benefits of rewarding and restorative sleep every night.

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