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March 10, 2020

5 Fantastic Automotive Tech Advances

Technology has been advancing at a rapid rate over the last century, and in the last few decades in particular. These progressions have helped society in various way, such as healthcare, travel and communication.

The world of automotive vehicles has been no different, with new tech introducing incredible new driving experiences. Not only this, but it has also improved vehicle maintenance and enabled manufacturers to develop environmentally friendly products. The latter being especially important in a world that is concerned over a climate crisis.

Here are some of the best technological advances in the motor-trade so far.

Electric Cars

As mentioned above, growing concern over the health of the environment has been on the minds of many during the last decade. With automobiles relying heavily on fossil fuels to power them, it was time that alternative methods were explored.

Enter the electric car. While the first versions of this type of vehicle date back to the mid-nineteenth century, it has been in recent years that they have had a more prominent appearance in the mainstream markets. Although there are still debates on how eco-friendly they actually are, there is not doubt that they are a step in the right direction.

Driverless Cars

This has been a recent development, and one that has piqued the interest of many. It might seem strange, to sit in a driver’s seat only to let the car do the work for you. However, this is a brilliant function, especially for those who are a facing a long-haul drive. Many accidents are caused due to tired drivers; allowing the vehicle to take over from you in these circumstances could help to reduce the risk of a crash, and your journey doesn’t have to be interrupted by regular breaks. Additionally, this could provide the perfect form of transport for those who have limited mobility, allowing them more independence.


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Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are now built into a car’s programming. Having these installed has made things like parking and reversing much easier for drivers. Before, you would have to rely on your own judgement when carrying out these manoeuvres, which left a lot of room for human error. Now this has all been made safer by the use of these sensors.

Smart Home Syncing

It’s now possible to sync your car up with the smart-technology in your home. By sending commands to your homes AI systems through your car, you can do things like turn on the heating, so your house is nice and warm when you get in. Or have the garage door open for you as you pull into your drive without having to take your hands off the wheel.

There have been many other great tech advances for automobiles, but these are five of the best.

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