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February 25, 2020

How DealDash is taking online bidding to new frontiers

The way in which we shop has evolved tremendously with the mounting demand for interactive and gratifying eCommerce experiences. The allure of such entertaining online shopping solutions has paved the way to the proliferation of bidding websites and, more recently, to the penny auction industry.

DealDash, the largest pay-to-participate auction provider in the US and one of the first to develop the business model after the first generation penny auctions, is spearheading this bidding revolution by providing an enthralling real-time auction environment and discounts on a range of brand new, fresh out of the box products.

Beyond live bidding and jaw-dropping deals, the penny auction pioneer also offers a number of customer-oriented reassurances that create a win-win situation for every bidder in the DealDash community.

These value-added features and customer protections have earned DealDash the trust of customers and a reputation of excellence in the online bidding industry as portrayed in their reviews.

So what are the reassurances and advantages of using the DealDash platform? And how does DealDash differ from other pay-to-participate platforms and e-commerce or online auctioneer monopolies like eBay (News - Alert) and Amazon?

Let’s dive into the specifics of how DealDash is redefining the online auction industry.

Interactive Online Bidding

Unlike eBay and Amazon, DealDash operates on a pay-to-participate model in which customers must purchase bids to partake in the auction. The price of every auction item starts at $0.00. Each bid increases the price by $0.01 and rests the countdown to place a bid to 10 seconds.

During this short 10 second timeframe, customers have to decide whether or not to outbid the previous bidder. If a new bid is placed, the auction price is raised by 1¢. If nobody places a new bid, the final bidder wins the auction item at the final sales price.

This type of interactive auction environment creates a fun, real-time bidding experience that requires strategy and perseverance to win auctions at a bargain price.

Customer-First Framework

Bidding on penny auction websites is often a marathon, not a sprint.

While many folks enjoy the competitiveness and enthusiasm that comes with penny auction bidding, the monkish level of patience and dedication required to win these types of online auctions don’t come easily for everyone. This is the exact reason why DealDash provides a “Buy It Now” safeguard.

Buy It Now. With DealDash’s “Buy It Now” option, you can instantly purchase an auction item right then and there and if you’ve already bid on that item, there’s no need to worry; DealDash will refund your bids so you can use them in future auctions.

The Buy It Now option eliminates the risk of you leaving an auction empty-handed or with fewer bids in your pocket than you started with. This customer-first value proposition also provides instant gratification and separates DealDash’s offerings from purely pay-to-participate (or more commonly referred to as pay-to-play) models.

Money-Back Guarantee. Another way the online auction site diverges from purely pay-to-participate penny auction websites is that they provide a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee for first-time users of the site.

If you’re a first-timer on DealDash, you have a 90-day grace period in which you can buy a bid pack and test out the platform. If for some reason the platform isn’t working out, you can easily get your first set of bids refunded. In fact, you can even keep your bids in your account as well as any auction items you’ve won.

Customer Service and Discounts. Beyond their Buy It Now option and refund policy, DealDash also offers completely free shipping on all auction items, 24/7 support, and a number of promotions. Each of their promotions, including their “Time as Highest Bidder” reward and “50% OFF ” deal, are strategically designed to offer perks to customers and make bidding more enjoyable.

This level of service is what defines their commitment to the end-user and their customer obsession mentality. They also distribute regular surveys to their customer base to figure out what’s working and what’s not and how to continually refine their platform.

Quality of Auction Items

Unlike many online bidding websites and penny auction platforms, DealDash does not auction secondhand, used or refurbished products.

DealDash only provides first-rate, brand-new products—including high-end cars and for example hands-free electronics—at discounted rates.

Not only does the quality of their auction items provide peace of mind that “what you see is what you get,” but it also gives you the opportunity to discover new brands and products without spending a fortune.

Mystery Auctions

More recently, DealDash has unveiled what they call ‘mystery auctions’ to satisfy those who crave the thrill of fun shopping experiences.

During these surprise events, bidders are not able to preview the auction item until shortly before the bidding commences.

These mystery auctions are just another way DealDash is maximizing the excitement and fun of using their platform.

What’s New and What’s Next for DealDash?

From their Buy It Now option and money-back guarantee to their luxury products and mystery auctions, DealDash is continually shaping the pace of change in the online auction industry.

During the last few years, they have introduced auctions for vacations, brand new cars and a plethora of new promotions and a constantly changing selection of items. This 10th anniversary celebration year for DealDash has elevated them to new frontiers, separating the platform from its competitors in the online auction arena.

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