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January 29, 2020

The Customer Service of the Future with a Focus on Technology

One thing all companies strive for, is excellent customer service. Bad customer service can wreck havoc on your reviews and ultimately stop people from choosing your company. But having to answer all questions manually, takes lots of time and effort. Luckily, nowadays there’s lots of technology you can implement to help you with that. In this article, we give you a few tips to better your customer service. 

Make your website as clear as possible

“Better to prevent than to cure” is a saying that also works when talking about customer service. When your website answers all the questions, there will be less questions for the customer service. Take a look at ThePhoneLab, a phone-fixing company in the Netherlands. When you want to get your iPhone (News - Alert) fixed in Amsterdam (Dutch: iPhone reparatie Amsterdam), you can choose what needs to be done online and see the price straight away. This company takes a different approach from some of the more dodgier shops offering the same business, which customers like. Just take a look at their reviews! No one complains about not knowing the price, because it’s all added in the funnel to make an appointment. This clear funnel has made the company very popular, which aided their growth. Soon you could also get your iPhone fixed in the neighbouring cities Haarlem (Dutch: iPhone reparatie Haarlem), Amstelveen (Dutch: iPhone reparatie Amstelveen), Hoofddorp (Dutch: iPhone reparatie Hoofddorp) and Utrecht (Dutch: iPhone reparatie Utrecht). Having a clear website helps the growth of your company and takes complaints away from customer service. 

Implement a chatbot

Chatbots are on the rise. While we don’t recommend a customer service fully operated by chatbots, they are super handy for the first steps of the proces. For instance, you can let the chatbot give customers questions to get a better idea of what they’re after. Are they contacting you for a question or a complaint? What is their order number? You can even let the chatbot recommend some FAQ-pages. At the end, always give the option to talk to a real person if the question isn’t solved yet or the issue isn’t fixed. 

Data management

Another preventive measure, is to do more with the data you already have. Use your customers’ data, pulled from analytics to get more insight in who your customers are, what they want and what their frequently asked questions and complaints are. Use this data to optimise the customer experience. There are quite a few data management tools on the market that will give you fantastic insights! 

Customer service is more than ever a deciding factor in whether or not someone chooses your company. Don’t miss out and invest in the technologies of the future!

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» More TMCnet Feature Articles