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January 27, 2020

How technology can help you become famous on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms with over a billion monthly active users sharing 100 million images and 3.5 billion likes per day.

Instagram is no more a fun app for teenagers and has become a marketing and advertising tool for individuals and brands. Nowadays, people can just buy followers on Instagram, partner with some influencers and offer some Instagram-exclusive giveaways and they’ve won people’s hearts.

And if you are looking to become Instagram famous, you can do follow these amazing technological tips.

1. Be active on multiple platforms

There are a lot of social media platforms and many people prefer one over the other. When you are present on all the different platforms, you get a different audience everywhere. Share your Instagram profile there and ask for a follow. You will get some new followers every time you do it.

2. Get Hashtagging

When it comes to Instagram captions, you need to have a variety of hashtags in it. Include some hashtags which directly reflect what’s in your picture but also add a few hashtags which tell of something behind the picture. Add a few hashtags which loosely relate to the picture. This way you can increase your audience. InternetMarketingRocks is one of the renowned companies that research the bets hashtags and help you grow on Instagram organically.

3. Use your bio URL area cleverly

Don’t be all boring with a static bio. Change it up every now and then. The clickable link in your bio should take the users to your latest created content. This will drive new traffic to that post.

4. Post multiple images in a single post

Instagram allows up to 10 images in a single post. Make use of that freedom. If you are going to post your selfies, why post just one. You already have a ton of selfies lying around. Post 4 to 5 pictures in a post. It is not necessary to post all 10 every time but you can mix it up every now and then. This will make users stay on your post for a longer period and you have a higher chance of getting likes and follows with more pictures.

5. Get creative while describing your picture

Instagram practically doesn’t have any limit on the number of characters allowed in the caption (there is a limit, but it won’t bother you most probably). Describe the story behind the picture such that it holds the audience’s attention. You will get better at this once you start writing.

6. Use the story feature

You can use the story feature to post about what’s going on with you. This feature allows you to interact with your audience in a much more engaging way. You could do polls there or answer their questions. Share your latest posts in your story for people who might have missed it on the feed.

7. Ask for engagement

This is a simple tip. If you simply ask your followers to like, comment, share your posts, a lot of them do it. You can ask questions to your followers whose answers they can comment on, and you can reply to them saying how you liked it.

8. Use available tech tools

There are a lot of tech tools available on the internet which makes a lot of your tasks easier and tells a lot about your profile. You can use them to schedule a post for a specific date and time. You can see in-depth analytics of your post and profile and see how they are performing. Based on that, you can decide what to post more and what to post less.

9. Use apps to suggest captions and hashtags

If you can’t think of a relatable caption and hashtag for your picture; there are plenty of apps on the internet that can do it for you. It is an automatic process and is done by just uploading the picture you want the captions and hashtags for.

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