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January 24, 2020

Why a Blog Is the Best Weapon in Your Digital Strategy

The dramatic changes of the digital economy are radically reshaping the way companies do business. Businesses that embrace the digital economy thrive; those that don’t are left behind. 

Harnessing a digital strategy is essential for an organization to succeed in this complex global marketplace, and having a good blog can set you apart. Consumers today are increasingly savvy, and driving growth for your platform requires more than winning attention. According to, your strategy needs to add value, empower customers and much more. You might be surprised that your solution is not an increased budget or expert staff, but instead a blog.

Here, we break down how a blog with a great theme can become the best-kept weapon in your digital strategy. 

Drive New Traffic

A successful strategy will be judged by how well it retains existing customers, converts interested parties and generates new leads. By incorporating search engine optimization into your blogging, you can attract organic traffic from search engine results.

Well-optimized content that appears on the first page of search results will cement you in people’s minds as an authority and encourage them to click on your site. Make sure to consciously include SEO in your blogging strategy and plan your keyword phrases.

Engage Your Customers

Consumers today are smart and fickle. They have access to more information than ever about companies and products, which means it is easier for them to make informed decisions about what they want to buy. Your business therefore needs to be proactive and provide consumers with a better experience. 

A blog can help you break through by building trust and reflecting your values. Proving authority in your industry demonstrates to customers that you are the business they should turn to. Showcasing expertise is particularly important when consumers know they can do endless research on what’s out there. If you can prove your authority above your competitors, consumers will trust you even more.

Because modern consumers care about values, they are put off if your ethics are radically different from their own. Using your blog to reflect what your target customers’ values are builds loyalty and offers them the kind of experience they expect in the digital economy.  

Encourage Collaboration

Collaboration in the digital economy is crucial. Companies are carving out niches as quickly as the digital economy evolves, and that means many businesses need to collaborate. Collaboration is complex, so you need to cultivate synergy.

You have the opportunity to use your blog as a way to feature other businesses you support, as well brand ambassadors that would be glad to speak about your product. Create your own network of collaborators that work in your niche - you'll see an increase in brand awareness, and all the help you give to other creators will inevitably come back to you.

Inspire innovation

Craft quality content by inspiring your readers and encouraging their own personal growth. If your blog is boring and doesn't connect with readers, you might as well not have it at all.

Focus on ways that you can uplift them with your knowledge or niche advice. What can they take away from your experience that they can apply to their own lives?

Need Help?

You might have the drive to boost your brand through a blog, but not the knowledge to actually launch the website with optimized content. In that case, don't be afraid to ask for help. You might need to hire a marketing agency to give you some pointers and support your campaign, and that's ok. When you're first launching your blog, you'll need to navigate how to best communicate with your niche before you'll see results.

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