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January 13, 2020

What Technology Has Advanced In The Last Decade

Technology is one element of life that has managed to control the majority of what we do in life, and we’re reliant on what benefits it can bring to our daily life. This last decade shows just how much humanity has grown in the technological world and so it’s worth looking back at how certain technologies have advanced. Here are some of the areas of technology that have advanced considerably over the last decade.


Gaming is a huge platform now than ever before, and what was once a hobby has fast become a full-time career for some. A lot has been introduced in gaming, and we’ve seen a great increase in games and how they’ve developed from both a narrative point of view but also in regards to the graphics. Even though it’s only been ten years, the graphics of Halo as an example has significantly changed. There’s also a lot more games where the focus has been on creating giant maps for players to game on for months on end. Creating different pathways rather than just one single narrative and outcome has become the norm now. Being a gamer in 2020 is very exciting, and there’s no telling what could happen as technology continues to advance. Your gaming PC or console might get outdated sooner than you think.

Virtual Reality

We live in a world now where reality is simply not enough for us. As humans, we’re looking at how we can develop virtual reality to enhance our daily lives even more so. VR is starting to be introduced in gaming and in various aspects of the entertainment industry. We might be at a point soon, where more movies are created where we watch it but also interact with it from the comfort of our own home. Similar examples have been portrayed in television programs like Black Mirror and their Bandersnatch program where you get to decide the fate of the persons involved. It could mean that this is one step closer to introducing virtual reality. It’s important that we don’t lose the need and want to live in reality, but this element of technology is not going anywhere soon.


Apps weren’t always as popular on our phones as they are now. They were merely basics like the Snake Game, for example. Now though, you have people making startups to create an app that they hope will end up selling millions of versions. There are so many apps out there that you can run the majority of your life off using your phone or electronic device. As technology gets better, the abilities that some of the apps have improved too. So much so that some apps can link up to your home and other things with Bluetooth connectivity like your car too.

Social Media

Social media has grown a lot in the last decade, with many social media platforms being created and a fair few going under too. What has also changed with social media is the opportunity for people to create careers out of them. You now see a lot of influencers in the form of Vloggers or Instagrammers. These are individuals who have managed to create a career out of being online and influencing others to buy what they promote. With so many looking to make it into a career, social media is one element of the internet that is thriving more and more.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is popular because we all feel like we could make our lives much easier with a few changes within the home. Remote controlled lights and appliances that can run on their own accord thanks to smart scheduling and timers. There really is a lot that has changed over the last decade when it comes to technology in the home. So much so that it’s now showing in properties that are being sold. Certain properties might have a number of basic technology perks that make for a more enjoyable lifestyle when it comes to your home.

It’s interesting that the world of technology is changing so rapidly and who knows what might happen further down the line. Only time will tell, and it’s exciting to think about what might happen in the next decade.

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