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January 13, 2020

When Social Media is Actually Good for Relationships

Social media has been identified as one of the biggest culprits to modern mental health degradation and relationship troubles, but this topic has largely become overblown. More than anything, social media has simply allowed humans to do more than what they have been able to before, so it’s mostly a question of use. Much like how you can buy tiktok fans for the wrong reasons, for example, you can also do so for the right ones.

Now, it is worth pointing out that social media does tend to have a negative effect on people’s mental health. However, this only really applies to when it is used the wrong way. There are plenty of other methods for you to gain mental and even relationship benefits via social media as long as you make sure to keep a few things in mind. We will be discussing those things now.

Limit the Range of Use

In the beginning, social media was just a place where you could express yourself and connect with friends in a more offhand way. Thanks to the advent of Facebook (News - Alert) and its intrusive innovations, however, social media has become an industry where people’s lives are bombarded with every little thing that others do.

Even worse, major social media companies have made it so that their influence touches every single facet of people’s lives. This is why you absolutely have to limit what you are using social networks for. Checking out photos of beloved relatives, getting information about important developments, and cultivating your relationship with those you truly care about are good examples.

True Friends and Family Only

Speaking of cultivating truly caring relationships, you should only really limit your followers and friends to those who you actually have affection for. Forget about how high the numbers of your friends list are or how many hundreds of thousands of followers you get. Those are nothing more than empty figures meant to make you keep feeling empty and hollow.

You can choose to pour your efforts in getting audience gain reviews all you want, but in the end, those are nothing more than pointless methods of measurement. You need to focus your energy on the people who give you joy rather than those who drain you of it. This is where we get to:

Unfriend and Unfollow

If you already have a ton of friend or followers on social media, it’s time to start shedding some of them. It is impossible for you to maintain your friendship with dozens of people no matter how hard you try, so why would you torture yourself collecting as many of them as you can? This constant pursuit for bragging rights will only make you even more miserable.

So go ahead and whittle down the number of people who are only making you miserable with envy, anger, jealousy, and regret. You would not want to surround yourself with folks who would only spit at you and make you feel worthless, would you? It’s the same with social media.

Take a Break

Finally, you can make use of the same concept as when friends or lovers spend some time away from each other, only to come back and feel invigorated at being reunited. You basically want to take a break from social media and focus on your life around you.

It can be tempting to keep checking your accounts and those notification bells do trigger a hormonal response from you. However, you must give yourself a break from all of that by spending more time in the real world.

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