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January 09, 2020

7 Benefits of Private Browsing You Might Not Know

While it's impossible to use the internet without leaving a digital trail, private browsing can offer some form of protection for the prying eyes.

Generally, private browsing sessions are known to keep your search history somewhat secret, but there’re more potential uses of private browsing, which you might not know about.

Here are the 7 benefits of private browsing;

Minimize Your Personal History

Regardless of whether you’re surfing on your computer or personal device, having the least online footprint, or rather little personal data stored is the most efficient way of protecting your online safety.

Private browsing will keep the sensitive material off your device, and this also helps to save space.

Contrary to the normal browsing sessions, private browsing doesn't store downloads; pages visited, upload, and it doesn't even record the amount of time spent on each page, meaning fewer advertisers know about you and you don't have to worry about erasing your history.

Protect Yourself When you're Away from your Devices

Another key benefit of private browsing is that it automatically logs you off immediately you end your browsing sessions.

This means that you'll always be protected from the prying hands that may access your device, and it will help to keep your information safe from the opportunistic data friends or even overly curious friends.

Block Sites from Farming your Personal Information

Much of what you see online is usually targeted specifically for you because advertisers already have an idea of what you like and have created a profile, based on your online surfing, history, and sites visited.

With a private browser, however, you can maintain anonymity, and marketers will not be able to predict you or create a profile based on your searches.

However, if you’re looking for the ultimate anonymity, we would recommend that you choose to install a VPN that will help to create a different network connection over your local server. However, beside anonymity, there’re more in-depth benefits from Surfshark VPN, including data encryption that helps to code your message during transmission, making it hard for hackers to decipher the message even if they intercept the message.

Get a Lower Price

Online retailers usually vary their pricing options based on metrics such as locality or even browsing history, and this is particularly evident in the travel industry.

For instance, you might find you're getting a higher price for property if you live in a higher income area contrast to someone else looking at the product across the town, simply because of the varying online activity.

Private browsing will, however, level the playing field, and ensure that you’re not manipulated into making purchases.

Override Usage Limit

Maybe you're looking to read another news article or download an item, but you've hit your limit for the month, or maybe you're prohibited for more than one coupon.

Private browsing helps you circumvent these restrictions, and this is particularly true I the site uses cookies to remember whether you’ve been there before.

Log Into Linked Accounts Simultaneously

In most cases, you’ll realize that linked accounts cannot be accessed simultaneously as you’ll need to log off from one to access the other.

However, with private browsing, I can access, for instance, both the work and personal Gmail accounts in the same device, without having to sign off to check the other or even use different browsers.


You’ve probably come across a suspicious link, or even have a semi-shady friend to check out a website.

Rather than using your normal browser that will put your online activity, including search history, you can leverage on private browsing, and this way, you’ll not have to worry clicking or opening something unsavory since it can be traced back to you or later come to haunt you.


The above list is by no mas conclusive, but at least, you already have an idea of why you should consider private browsing or even installing a VPN for the ultimate anonymity.

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