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December 12, 2019

How Technology Has Changed the Concept of Business Marketing

All of us live in a society that is driven entirely by modern technology. The advent of technology has not only changed our lifestyle, but also the way we run our businesses. All aspects of modern-day business operations have improved a great deal with the help of technological innovations. Talking about the impact of technology on business, marketing is probably one area that has changed in a huge way over the last decade or so.

With changing time, the attention of the consumers has now moved away from the traditional domains of advertising such as television and print media. Instead, all of us now spend a significant amount of time accessing the internet throughout smartphones and laptops. Accordingly, marketers have worked out new ways to deliver marketing-related information to their target consumers. 

According to Ram Digital, a Newcastle SEO company, mentioned below are some of the ways advanced technology has changed the concept of marketing a business or product.

  • The first and foremost impact of technology in marketing has come in the form of digital marketing. Regardless of the nature and size, millions of businesses around the world are now making use of different digital marketing techniques to stay connected to their customers, building their brand, attracting new customers and retaining them, and much more. It would not be an overstatement to mention digital marketing as the nucleus of any modern day business.
  • With the advent of big data, there are several ways for us to collect data. This huge amount of data is now used by the marketers to find out more about their businesses, marketing campaigns, and customers. Improving responsiveness of marketing campaigns is one of the biggest advantages of big data. This means that businesses can target their advertisements more accurately and even create marketing plans that are customized for their target consumers. Data analytics can also help them redesign their marketing plans based on what works well and what doesn’t.
  • There are numerous advanced technologies that allow us to collect more data compared to what our brains can even process. Artificial intelligence helps us find useful insights and patterns in the numbers. These insights and patterns can be used by the marketers to predict customer behavior and target their advertisements more effectively. It is possible to create targeted ad strategies automatically with the help of AI programs. AI is also used by the search engines for the interpretation of search queries and bringing up results that are most relevant. Therefore, AI must be taken into account by the marketers while they optimize content for SEO.
  • The Internet of Things is one of the sources from where the new data comes from. Also known as IoT, this is the collection of devices connected by the internet, which can be anything from your air conditioners to lawnmowers to cars. When individuals start using IoT devices, marketers can easily gather loads of information related to their preferences, habits, and dislikes. People with more connected devices can be reached by marketers in more potential ways. As an example, while shopping for a pair of shoes on the laptop, one may receive an advertisement on his or her smartphone.
  • Augmented reality is yet another highly promising technology that combines a virtual world to the real one. This is done by superimposing the virtual world onto the real life surroundings of an individual. A number of technology heavyweights have now incorporated AR into their marketing strategy.
  • Many technology-savvy businesses also make use of cloud technology nowadays to accomplish tasks such as organizing data, managing content, and collaborating on different projects from anywhere across the globe.              

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