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November 25, 2019

Does New Microsoft Tech Deliver Communication Innovation?

As tech giants roll out innovations, it's imperative that industry leaders have expert IT advice about adopting Microsoft (News - Alert) Teams and other products. 

Achieving sustainable success in today’s evolving business climate tasks industry leaders with making informed decisions about adopting new technologies. Microsoft Teams recently announced a series of innovations that are reportedly designed to enhance collaborative efforts. But the elephant in the room is whether Microsoft Teams' latest innovations deliver the edge your business needs?

Michael Nelson, a Microsoft tech partner with TLC Tech in Sacramento hosts regular Microsoft CIE events for local companies shares his insights into some of the latest Microsoft tech innovations.

What is Microsoft Teams?

The abundance of software and technology outfits pushing new products tends to become a blurring noise for industry people trying to focus on profit-driving activities. For professionals outside the tech industry, computers, hand-held devices, and robust communication are simply tools in the grand scheme of things. Microsoft continues to be a tech leader, and the fairly new Teams platform is worth considering.

Microsoft Teams was established in 2017 with the idea that it would replace the Microsoft Classroom component of Office 365 Education. Soon after, Skype (News - Alert) for Business also fell under the Microsoft Teams umbrella, and the software giant officially announced these products were merged at its Ignite conference. Microsoft has been steadily rolling out the Teams brand ever since. It now enjoys communication applications in business, and the tech outfit is focused on improving communication among “first-line workers” in industries outside education. Entrepreneurs and CEOs may want to pull in their IT services provider and consider whether Microsoft Teams makes sense in goal achievement.

What Innovations Does Microsoft Teams Offer?

At its recent annual Ignite conference, the announcement was made that Microsoft Teams had been adapted to serve all industries and not just education and retail. The basic idea is that the product has been redefined in a way that enhances communication across departments, organizations, and between professionals and customers. These are innovations that are being marketed by this tech leader.

Customized Conversations

Teams offers private channels where only pertinent stakeholders are given access. Decision-makers can include guests, customers, groups, and staff members on a need basis. The product provides a space where information can be shared and accessed. In many ways, this idea resembles the old chat room in which participants needed to be invited. However, innovations are expected to include multi-window options and extensions.

Improved Task Management

Microsoft Team has reportedly bridged the gap between its use as a communication hub and other products. Innovations include the ability of users to integrate Outlook and seamlessly pull attachments and files into Teams for group or private access. Users can also circle back and get updates on conversations and information they missed. The platform allows users to integrate calendars, planners, and other logistical information. In that sense, it functions as a tech pathway to update individuals and efficiently keeps individuals and projects on track.

More Inclusive Meetings

With an increasing number of employees and stakeholders working outside brick-and-mortar facilities, culling people together for face-time is exceedingly more difficult and counterproductive. The innovation put forward by the product in this respect is “Teams Meetings,” and reportedly offers an unlimited digital canvas to collaborate. This platform reportedly involves partnerships with resources such as Cisco, Citrix (News - Alert), and others that businesses may already be adept at using.

Specific Industry Uses

Connectivity between professionals and clients appears to be helping to bridge the communication gap in niche industries. One of the potential innovations may be Teams’ ability to virtually connect people in the healthcare industry with patients. Online diagnosis and care have been a game-changer in areas where everyday people must travel significant distances or lack transportation to see a health care professional. Patient information can be integrated, and more timely communication may be facilitated by working with Teams. This innovation extends to other fields that can improve customer care through online connectivity.

Workflow Advancements

Perhaps the most eye-raising innovation the Teams platform offers is the Power Platform. There are actions and triggers embedded that deliver key messaging to others when changes, updates, or even keywords are used. These and other automated prompts save time and, ultimately, money.

Is Microsoft Teams Right for Your Business?

There’s little doubt that tech innovations will continue to evolve, and many are necessary to remain competitive in your respective industry. That’s why it’s essential to work with a managed IT services professional who keeps abreast of emerging applications and can help industry leaders make sound decisions about the next steps.

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