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November 21, 2019

How MAGFAST Is Changing the World of Wireless Charging

It’s official: the world of wireless charging is finally here.

If you own more than one electronic device, you’re probably tired of bringing all of your cables with you everywhere you go. Also, the more you carry them around, the more likely they are to break, which is an additional cost for you. But the main problem remains the number of cables that every household has these days. The fact that you need different cables to charge devices from the same manufacturer makes everything even more complicated.

Historically, the micro-USB was once the universal way of charging small devices; Nokia (News - Alert), Samsung, Blackberry, and even iPhone used this charger. These days, using a universal charger isn’t possible. That leaves us with wireless charging as the only realistic solution.

It became evident that users were ready for this new step when Apple (News - Alert) announced the AirPod 2 wireless charging feature. Portability, fast charging (of all devices), and multi-device compatibility are just some of the benefits that consumers are expecting from the new generation of wireless chargers.

As always, Apple was the first company to turn a progressive technology idea into reality, but it’s not the only one. Companies such as Samsung (News - Alert) and MAGFAST are also bringing their ideas and products to the table.

Wireless Charging Technology

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is a term within the wireless charging industry that was developed in 2008. This universal standard for wireless charging introduced wireless or inductive charging capability. Now, manufacturers worldwide, such as Samsung and Apple, are using this standard to offer wireless charging in their latest wireless products.

For example. Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo can charge two devices at a time. The charger comes with a USB-C cable. Built-in cooling tests on the iPhone (News - Alert) X Max and Galaxy S9 showed positive results, as the devices didn’t get significantly warm during fast charging. Unfortunately, most Apple device users were disappointed, as the recently announced wireless charger – AirPower – was pulled from the product lineup. Instead of this highly anticipated offering, Apple’s website now has Belkin wireless pads.

For now, millions of people worldwide are still piling up cords, cables, and tangles everywhere they go. But not for long. On March 21, 2019, the crowdfunding campaign for the MAGFAST Family went live, and in about 15 minutes, the company reached its goal of $300,000. MAGFAST presents an alternative to wire-laden and messy charging with a family of chargers that relies on the power of magnets that link together like Legos and provide an efficient charging solution that won’t clutter your home.


MAGFAST began as a start-up in 2018. The company’s slogan – “changing charging for good” – describes its goal to revolutionize the charging industry by finally delivering a real wireless charging experience.

“The idea of MAGFAST came about after countless hours trying to find the chargers I wanted for my own family,” says Seymour Segnit, the company’s founder and inventor of the revolutionary chargers. “I found that despite this being a critical part of everyday life – and despite there being thousands of chargers out there – no manufacturer seemed to ‘get’ what I was looking for.”

There are no cords and no tangling with a MAGFAST charger. The whole focus of MAGFAST is precisely what it says on the box: a fully wireless solution. The components of MAGFAST chargers connect directly to the others magnetically.

But let’s not forget about the compatibility for most phones that is built into each unit. With MAGFAST chargers, you can charge a Google (News - Alert) Pixel, an old iPhone 6, and a new Apple Watch. Even more importantly, you can charge all of these devices at the same time.


MAGFAST is not just one wireless charger; it’s a family of chargers. To be more precise, the MAGFAST Family comes with six chargers, so it covers every charging situation. All of MAGFAST’s power banks come with a self-storing and built-in replaceable cable, traditional USB-A and new USB-C outlets, and wireless charging capabilities. While you can use each MAGFAST charger separately, the real beauty lies in the system’s modular design that allows you to connect multiple units for “easy and fast charging without wires.”

LifeCharger is MAGFAST’s portable power bank that’s easy to charge. LifeCharger can quickly charge any device, and it’s so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. LifeCharger Extreme boasts the maximum power allowed by FAA law, which is enough to jump-start your car. RoadCharger is another great solution by MAGFAST, which, when plugged into your 12v outlet, gives you four USB outlets that you can use to charge multiple devices. AirCharger supports wireless charging, and MAGFAST promises that it’s “perfect for the kitchen or office.” The WallCharger provides a station for wireless charging, not only for your mobile devices but also for the entire family of MAGFAST chargers. TimeCharger is the perfect solution for charging your Apple Watch.

“There are two problems with most chargers today,” says Segnit. “They’re ugly with all those messy wires, which is no good in your environment – and most are so cheaply made they quickly go to landfill, which is really bad for everyone’s environment… MAGFAST is changing charging for good with world-class design and the best manufacturing, so these products will really last.”

According to the MAGFAST website, shipping begins late 2019, and anyone who joins as a supporter gets a free gift. Also, MAGFAST will plant a tree for every purchase as a part of its campaign to make our planet greener and healthier.

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