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October 24, 2019

How to Improve Your CSGO Skill

Here are some tips on improving your skill level in CSGO from our  experts. 

Gaming Devices

Yes, you will need at least an average comfortable set of gear to carry rounds and win  upcoming CSGO matches. Let’s take a bit closer look onto separate elements.

CSGO Mouse

Let’s make it clear at once: it is not a mouse that wins games but your hands. Still, one would probably agree that expensive mouse devices are at least more reliable. Additionally, the sensitivity of a $10 mouse is different from that of the $50 manipulator. As a result, a more pricy mouse is more precise in transmitting your hand moves to the game.

Back in old days, they would tell you that the gaming mouse should obligatory have a wire because wireless manipulators have higher latency and weight. Nowadays, the rule does not work anymore because a normal wireless and a wired mouse are equally fast in transferring the signal. Though, in case you like light devices, a wireless mouse is probably not your choice.

A sensor of your mouse should be at least of the 3310 level and a weight shouldn’t exceed 100g. That would be perfect. You dare to reach the professional esports level, don’t you?

Then, say no to plastic mousepads. Cloth mousepads give more control and preciseness feeling. The size of the pad also matters: to aim and control the movement of an avatar more accurately, most esports players set low mouse sensitivity parameters. So, you’ll need to have enough space to move your arm and hand.

Mouse Grip in CSGO

Don’t “hug” the device entirely with your palm. Try controlling the mouse mainly with your fingers. Keep the bottom part of the palm on a mousepad to increase aiming efficiency. Use the arm to reach the enemy’s body with crosshair. Then use fingers to fire a headshot.

CSGO Gaming Monitor

If you want to reach the professional esports skill level, try to save some money and buy at least a 120Hz display. Keep in mind that it is relevant only when you already have PC hardware components capable of showing 100+ FPS in CSGO. Additionally, there is the difference between the number of frames your computer can produce and that of your monitor can show. The more FPS will appear on your display, the less input lag you’ll feel in controls.

CSGO Sound: What Matters?

In fact, things are very simple here. Sounds of enemy steps in Counter-Strike have a limited distance to hear them. Just don’t play with speakers. Use headphones, even if they are the cheapest ones your money could buy.

CSGO Esports Graphics Settings

It is important to make in-game graphics comfortable for you to play. For instance, effects set on minimum get all the garbage and unnecessary plants away from the map. As a result, you concentrate on your main goal better.

Practice and Training

Well, things are pretty simple here. The more you play, the stronger your skill becomes. Even when you don’t try learning new tricks, the level of your CSGO playing will increase through regular training with bots or in the matchmaking mode. Try practicing different shooting styles: one-tap, spray, spray with strafing, 360 jump shots – everything will have an effect here.

Checking guides and professional games means legal cheating. There is no better opportunity to learn map moving, weapon recoil control, and other nuances than to watch at the people who know how to do it excellently.

Still, don’t put too much effort and avoid exhaustion. Make breaks once in an hour to let your brain and body rest.

Health and CSGO

Yes, they’re connected, especially when you want to play CSGO as an esports professional. Obviously, alcohol and smoking hurt your health. Less obviously, sugar does too. Try minimizing your sugar consumption.

Take vitamins, Omega-3, nootropics and other legal stimulators to keep your organism shaped and in tonus to reach new levels of gaming.

Of course, most of the recommendations above will work for you not only in CSGO but also in any competitive game.  We hope these tips will help you get your Global Elite rank soon!

Practice makes perfect. Never forget about that.

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