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October 18, 2019

7 Great Gadgets to Make Your Smart Home Smarter

How are you looking to make your home smarter?

It’s a unique remote world today, where internet-connected gadgets rule. From Amazon Echo to Google (News - Alert) Home, you do have access to plenty of great gadgets.

You don’t even need to get up to turn off the lights when playing your favorite games on PA online casinos - just tell Alexa to do it for you.

 How would you like to make your home smarter? Here are seven great gadgets to make your smart home more stylish.

#1. Kasa Smart WiFi (News - Alert) plug

The Kasa Smart WiFi Plug helps you to turn on and off your devices automatically. It will help save money and energy on devices that consume a lot of power. Also, you can create time from when you want the machines to turn on or off.   It also works well with Alexa.

#2. Phillips smart soup maker.

Who doesn't like soup? Imagine getting home tired, and you have no energy to make dinner. The Phillips smart soup maker gives you the solution to make your soup. You only have to put your ingredients in the soup maker and let it do its magic. It has a capacity of 1.2 liters; therefore, you can make soup for the whole family.

#3. Panasonic (News - Alert) Microwave Oven with Flashexpress Broiler.

Heating good has never been more accessible since the dawn of microwaves. However, the Panasonic Microwave Oven offers something a bit extra. It uses the Flashexpress Broiler, which will not only heat your food evenly but give it an extra crispy touch.

#4. C by GE Smart Bulbs & Smart Plug

Your home cannot be considered smart if it does not have intelligent bulbs. C by GE smart bulbs are compatible with Google assistants. So, they will configure to your desired arrangement using the Google assistants. Also, they can change into various colors depending on your mood.

#5. The Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer from Lutron

Smart lighting gives you the chance to control them using your gadget. However, once they are switched off, you no longer have the power in your hand. This one though is a dimmer that is screwed on your bulb. A light tap and it can turn on and off the bulb.

#6. Comcast (News - Alert) Xfinity Home Smart Security System

Comcast Xfinity Home Smart Security is what you need to secure your home. You can lock and unlock windows and doors, monitor the camera,  control the lights from your gadget.

 #7. Hibersense Smart Comfort Control

Hibersense control the air in any room. So, you never have to worry about the room temperature of your home.

Which one are you looking at getting for your home first? Let us know below.

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