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October 18, 2019

The Top Ten things in tech you need to know today

Whether you love shopping online or playing some great games on online poker sites like thousands
others, you would want to know what’s happening in the tech world.

Here is a look at all the latest tech news that you need to know today.

#1. Trump administration blocks Chinese companies.
The US government has blocked eight Chinese tech giants from the market. The companies have been
accused of violating Muslim human rights in the region of Xinjiang.

#2. Space X unveils Starship
Elon Musk, who is the founder of Space X, has unveiled plans to tour Mars. Starship Mark 1 will be used
to ferry individuals to space.

#3. Google (News - Alert) under scrutiny

Google has captured the eye of Congressional antitrust investigators. This came after the Alphabet
company introduced new internet measures. This move could give Google an upper advantage over
other companies.

#4. Child Sexual Abuse on the rise.
In 2018, tech companies found out that there are 45 million cases of child sexual abuse. Most of these
cases are found online.

#5. Caroline Calloway in her tell-it-all
Caroline always attracts controversy on social media. She refutes all the details about her life written by
her former friend Natalie Beach. Beach released a journal that describes Calloway as a manipulative

#6. Researchers want access to Facebook (News - Alert)'s user data
The 2020 election is looming, and Facebook is again at the center. Mark Zuckerberg had allowed
researchers to get data from its site. However, since last year, the data has not been available. Facebook
is still holding off some data based on the user protection policy.

#7. High death rates as a result of vaping
The CDC is investigating the high standards of deaths due to vaping. Recent research shows that 77% of
the deaths is caused by THC, which is a compound found in marijuana.

#8. Amazon's new tracking feature.
The new mesh network by Amazon could give them the leverage to track your phone.

#9. Elon Musk problems.
A judge recently ruled against Elon Musk and Tesla for violating union rights. Tesla has been restricting
their employees from unionizing their rights.

#10. Facebook to get rid of the likes button.
Facebook will be limiting the number of reactions from posts in Australia. It is not the first country that
the company is trying out this feature. It is being tested in Canada and New Zealand

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