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September 26, 2019

Best CES 2019 Gadgets Every Techie Needs

One of the biggest technology fairs in the world, CES (News - Alert) in Vegas opened its gates in January 2019 for all technology enthusiasts. 

For one week, the biggest technology and innovation companies worldwide allured thousands of participants with their latest gadgets, trying to dramatically change the way we work, live or play. Although some ideas are meant to remain prototypes, others have already emerged into the mass market, opening the gates to an improved lifestyle for many people.

Let’s take a look at this year’s coolest gadgets and see which ones you are most excited about. 

L’Oreal UV Sense

You might not expect one of the biggest beauty companies in the world to be present at a technology fair but the UV Sense product L’Oreal has come up with is truly revolutionary. It is small enough to be worn on your fingernail and can store up to three months of data of your sun exposure. It is battery-free and equipped with a temperature sensor, a UV sensor, and an NFC antenna. 

The company promised to launch various accessories so that people can wear the latest gadget in different ways. 

GilletteLabs Heated Razors

In the past few years, CES has become the ultimate playground for all companies trying to sell their ideas, regardless of their main activity field. Thus, what was once dedicated to robots, smart TVs, and even medical devices, has now become flooded by kitchen appliances, gizmos, and unnecessarily technologized products. 

Enter Gillette, the greatest manufacturer of razors in the world that promises to revolutionize your shaving experience. The new blades come with a battery-powered heating bar that will reduce tug and increase blaze for a more comfortable shaving routine. Whether or not we need another battery-operated device in our lives is really up to each one of us. 

Flexible phones 

What was once considered a gadget from Sci-Fi movies is now becoming a reality thanks to the greatest phone and technology companies in the world. However, the 2019 edition of the CES failed to deliver more options for foldable or flexible phones.

We already had a glimpse of Samsung’s (News - Alert) foldable Galaxy X but other companies like LG and Huawei are still taking their time until coming up with similar devices.

The Chinese company Royole still intends to deliver a smartphone-tablet hybrid named FlexiPai but production was demoted until later this year. For some reason, we will still have to wait a couple more years until no jeans pocket will be small enough to fit a flexible phone. 

Waverly Ambassador Translator

Traveling might be one of your favorite activities but how many times did you actually get along with the locals? Unfortunately, many of us are still monolingual so traveling abroad, especially to a non-English speaking country, could be challenging. 

Although many translating apps can get common phrases right, you will still spend a lot of time trying to understand directions or useful information from the locals. 

Waverly Labs invented a cool, small, and compact device that translates on the spot. You can easily attach one to your ear and hand the other to someone whom you are trying to have a conversation with. It may take a couple of years until the technology is updated and translations are accurate but this is a great accessory to take with you on your next vacation. 

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Coming straight from an early James Bond movie, the new audio sunglasses from Bose combine two of your dearest accessories on a summer day - a pair of comfortable sunglasses and wireless buds. 

Put on this pair of new shades from Bose and the frames will play your favorite tunes streamed from your phone via Bluetooth connection. What’s even cooler is that no one else will hear the music you are listening to. 

The speakers are incorporated in the frames and built-in so they can be close to your ears, producing a rich sound. And, since we are talking about a Bose product, prepare yourself for high-quality sounds and bass. 

The product is already on the market exclusively on Amazon and even comes with interchangeable color lenses sold separately. Moreover, they block up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays and are made of premium materials that won’t break, chip or scratch easily. 

Music keyboards with a twist

Music fans were pleased to find a wide array of gadgets and new products at this CES edition. Amongst them, keyboards that have cool features and accessories incorporated for an enhanced experience. 

Buying a weighted keyboard has never been easier as some of the items presented are already on sale in stores. We are talking about lightweight, portable keyboards with cool piano-like designs and integrated LCD screens for the ultimate multimedia experience. 

Some of them come with built-in microphones to make recording easier, while others offer a variety of customizable features to create the perfect sounds. 

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