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August 21, 2019

Current Landscape of Technology in the Medical Sales Industry with Clayton Sustala

With the constant advancement of medical research and treatment, the landscape of the medical sales industry is perpetually evolving. New trends and treatment alternatives emerge as technology advances and demands increase. As a result, adaptation and knowledge of new treatments is vital to sustain sales in this line of work. Clayton Sustala, a medical sales manager at Majors Medical Service, discusses the changing nature of the medical sales industry. The following are four current medical sales trends that Clayton Sustala has noticed shaping the medical sales field today: 

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing (DTC)

Genetic testing not only provides insight into a person’s ancestry and family lineage, but it also identifies changes or mutations in chromosomes, genes, or proteins that could potentially lead to genetic diseases. These tests help determine a person’s possible predisposition to certain health problems and the chances of passing on the disease or genetic disorder to future generations. Genetic testing was previously done only through a healthcare professional in which a request was made to a genetic testing company. Nowadays, the general public can directly access information regarding their ancestry and genetic predisposition from the company without having to go through a medical professional. This direct-to-consumer trend has opened up the opportunity for medical sales reps to expand their customer base and connect with consumers and patients themselves. Now that the general public holds so much more medical information today, an essential part of a medical rep’s job is to inform and educate potential consumers about the right healthcare choices that will give them peace of mind. 

Opioid Abuse Withdrawal and Management Systems

Prescription drugs have contributed to the growing opioid abuse crisis that we witness today. In this day and age, where there exists a lack of awareness and caution, opioid abuse continues to impact the lives of thousands every year. In 2017 alone, 47,600 fatalities occurred in America in which at least one type of opioid was involved. Consequently, medical sales reps like Clayton Sustala, bear a weighty responsibility in helping to minimize this issue by raising product awareness and educating health professionals about the risks of abuse that certain drugs hold.

It is also important for a medical sales rep to acquire knowledge about the latest treatments and technologies that help patients who do suffer from opioid addiction. In addition, by reminding healthcare providers about the warning signs of addiction, medical sales reps can help stomp out the problem that we face today. 


Micro-hospitals are small-scale inpatient facilities that provide a variety of medical services. They leave behind the complexity of a traditional hospital while providing an in-depth and personalized patient care experience at a fraction of the size and cost. These small-scale hospitals are a rising trend Clayton Sustala expects will not slow down anytime soon. For medical sales reps, that’s very good news. As the number of micro-hospitals continues to grow, so does their customer base. These facilities present an expanded market to establish new clientele and provide sales and services to potential consumers. 

Virtual Reality Treatments

Virtual reality has extended beyond the arena of entertainment. VR has made its way into hospitals to treat patients who suffer from mental illness and anxiety disorders ranging from claustrophobia to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This non-invasive and less expensive alternative allows for a safe and controlled environment for those undergoing exposure therapy. As technology continues to advance and develop, many will look to safer and non-invasive alternatives for treatment. This makes it important for medical sales reps to keep up with the changing nature of the medical landscape and to stay informed of the many options and alternatives that become available today. 

Staying Relevant in the Industry

While demand in the medical field increases, counterintuitively, the demand for medical sales reps has not. In fact, experts say the market for pharmaceutical reps has softened due to industry mergers, the expiration of blockbuster drug patents, and a shift towards flexible and regional sales teams. Nevertheless, breaking into and staying relevant in this highly competitive field is possible. 

As new products continue to emerge and different alternatives become available, consumers will want to be informed of what they are. Adaptation and staying informed are key ways to stay relevant. The best medical sales reps do plenty of research to attain a greater knowledge of the different products and services available. Being flexible and having the ability to adjust to different sales tactics are also critical to staying in the field. 

The medical sales industry is always changing. Clayton Sustala shows how staying on top of trends and being adaptable can help one to adjust to the current landscape of the medical sales industry. 

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