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July 25, 2019

Can Buying an Essay Secure You a Place in College? A Sensible View on Things

Admissions for 2019-2020 are already in progress, and students rush to polish their admission essays to increase their chances for enrolment. Some students ask their current teachers for assistance; others involve family and friends in peer review. But a certain portion of applicants decides to secure their place in a college or university with a perfect essay… written by another person. In other words, they buy essays online from companies that promise an A+ essay, creative in content, written by a highly experienced writer who used to be an admission officer, and fully original. 

As experts of informed, 45% of their orders for admission essays in 2018 did not involve writing as such. Dave, the company’s support manager, shared his experience, “80% of orders I received this year were not writing, but checking the essay, or developing a good idea and outline based on the client’s background data. Students increasingly realize that no matter how bad grammar and style skills they have, the content should be theirs.” 

Is this approach good? Unfortunately, the question is formulated incorrectly; whether good or bad, it is illegal. But reports of major academic writing providers in the USA are clear-cut: in summer, the percentage of orders for admission college papers increases by 33%! That’s highly convincing statistic to conclude – students do pay for admission essays, and they do believe that buying essays one can help them get admitted.  

Why Does Your Voice Matter?    

The greatest problem about buying an essay is that it’s illegal. And an even greater problem (if you get away with such cheating) is that a hired writer somewhere half the world away simply can’t present you in an individualized manner. He/she is not you, and you can talk by the hour together, still that writer is not you and won’t write an essay “as if it is you writing.” 

As numerous schools underline in their admission essay topics announcements, they are eager first of all to get acquainted with you as a person. Naturally they expect the essay to be written in flawless English; but in a first place, it has to be yours. 

As the Harvard Business School’s director of MBA admissions, Chad Losee, indicated, the admission essay is to be completed within 24 hours after the student’s personal interview with an admissions staffer, and it should concisely present additional data about the applicant. So, it’s essentially about who you are; if you apply to Harvard, it goes without saying that you write well. 

Differing Perspectives 

A successful admission essay content is a conundrum; you never know where it will lead you until it is submitted and evaluated. Educational institutions usually don’t press students to write about something concrete; neither do they have any requirements for style and sources. Such vagueness of the task is often misleading. Students envision a great paper as: 

  • Flawless in grammar and style 
  • Possessing impressive coherence and cohesion 
  • Creative 
  • 100% original 

That’s all true about admission essays, but as Cark Dewing, an admissions officer in one of the top US universities, shared, there is one more crucial ingredient – a person behind the essay’s lines. As Mr. Dewing indicated, “When reading an essay, I imagine the person. Would I like to be friends with him? Classmates?” That’s what a purchased essay generally lacks. You cannot be liked by the committee if there is no you in an essay – simple as it is. 

So, you can indeed seek help of professional writers and order essay online, which is fully legal – the only thing is to draw the verge of where writing with you ends and writing instead of you begins. 


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