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July 23, 2019

Software outsourcing benefits for virtual and augmented reality developments

From Pokémon Go, the game that first captured the global consciousness in 2016, to medical students performing simulated surgeries and the United States Army using HoloLens headsets, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are changing the face of a wide range of industries. Educators are bringing AR and VR into the classroom to allow students to experience science, history, and other disciplines firsthand. Retailers are giving consumers the opportunity to test out products virtually. The tourism industry is allowing travelers to experience or try out new locations from the comfort of their own homes — and the list goes on. And as more and more businesses are turning to AR and VR to meet a variety of their needs, offshore development companies are increasingly facilitating the growth of these tools.

What are AR and VR?

Virtual reality creates an artificial 3D environment. The user is fully immersed in the digital world and transported into it through the use of a special headset.

Augmented reality overlays virtual information onto a real environment. Unlike in the case of VR, the user is actually interacting with the real world, as opposed to a simulated scenario — she just has an enhanced view of it.

Both AR and VR can be used as effective business tools for training, product testing, free trials, and more.

Benefits of using offshore development services for implementing AR and VR

As the use of AR and VR grows across many different industries, some businesses are outsourcing their projects to offshore development companies in countries including Argentina, India, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Brazil, Romania, Japan, Ukraine, and others. Why are they doing so? Here are the top benefits of using offshore developers.

1. Expertise and reliability

Some in-house developers simply lack the expertise that many offshore development companies have. Developing VR and AR products and experiences requires a specific skill set, knowledge, and often specialization that may not be available to you nearby.

2. Ability to compare developers

Having access to such a vast pool of talent across the globe allows businesses to shop around and compare developers to find the one who will best meet their needs. Rather than being limited by physically accessible teams, organizations can read reviews, solicit feedback from previous clients, and compare prices. This can be especially helpful in meeting a particular niche. For example, if you’re looking for someone with experience developing VR products for the classroom, you can specifically search for offshore developers with education experience.

3. Pricing

VR and AR projects are expensive, and cost can often be prohibitive. However, offshore development companies tend to be significantly cheaper than nearshore ones, especially if you’re based in North America or Western Europe. Frequently, offshore developers can provide higher-quality services for a lower price than in-house teams can, to the benefit of organizations outsourcing the work.

4. Accessibility

It may seem counterintuitive, but offshore developers can often be more accessible than on-site developers are. That’s because these teams are not limited to 9-5 hours, and through platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, and Skype (News - Alert), you can remain in almost constant contact with them. In order to streamline communication, it’s best to be clear on your expectations upfront — including when and how frequently you expect to receive updates and be able to speak with them.

5. Speed and efficiency

AR and VR projects can take significant time to develop, and your organization has many different operations that require your attention in the meantime. Having an offsite team dedicated to the development of these products can reduce the time it takes for the project to be completed and free up your in-house employees to focus on other aspects of the organization. That doesn’t mean offshore developers will scrimp on quality. Rather, they will focus their attention completely on the development process to ensure quality, rather than be distracted by other business matters and concerns that might interfere with it.

Incorporating VR and/or AR into your business can help shepherd your organization into a new era. No matter what your industry, you’ll provide your customers, clients, and others with a superior, immersive user experience, whether you’re looking to train new employees without expending resources or want to enable a potential customer to take a car for a test “drive” — without actually driving.

Finding the right partner for your project is crucial to its success, and offshore software development outsourcing could be the answer. These teams can provide efficient, low-cost development services while delivering often exceptional results — ultimately giving your business the competitive edge it needs.

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