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July 18, 2019

7 Reasons to Hire a Software Development Team

Software development is a thriving force in modern business development. Companies from every industry are developing apps, websites, and platforms that require coding to create revenue. When they want to remain competitive and relevant to customers, they need to have an effective way to hire development teams.

Developers are picky and have many options today because of how thriving the industry is. In fact, there is a serious talent shortage and a very high demand for top talent. Many CIOs are struggling to fill software development roles within their companies and going out of their way to recruit candidates.

However, before deciding ways to hire talent, you should know ahead of time the reasons you need to hire developers to begin with. Here are seven reasons to hire a software development team:

1. Software Developer Teams Will Help You Make Your Vision A Reality

You may be running a high tech company specializing in software design or a company of any industry that offers software as a service or product. By hiring a dedicated software development team, you can realize your vision for your product or service more effectively and quicker.

Even though you may already have a team in place working on software, an additional team will add a fresh set of eyes and a new outlook on development. This way new methods could be suggested or developed for your workflow. The new team could also specialize in languages your current team does not and add new features or aspects to the product that will benefit you in the long run.

2. Software Developer Teams Will Provide Added Productivity

It is no secret that the more hands you have coding and working on software, the quicker it will be developed and released to market. When you hire development teams, they will be able to work on your software and collaborate with your current team for added productivity.

If you run a startup, you may have a small team in place. By outsourcing further development, you are adding new knowledge to your product development. These developers can focus on different tasks and help your core team succeed.

3. An Additional Team Will Help your Startup’s MVP Strategy

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product that is ready to be launched with just enough features to be useful, but lacking many other features that will be implemented over time. It is often launched to gauge the early adopters’ response and to gain feedback from their insight.

If you hire an additional software development team, they can help with feedback in foreign markets, particularly if you outsource offshore development. They can even be put in testing positions to give feedback, data and insight that you can use for added business intelligence.

4. An Additional Software Developer Team Will Add Scalability to Your Business

There are downtimes to software development and crunch periods where the final application or software will have to be shipped out the door and released. Downtimes occur usually after a product is shipped and before the next project starts. Crunch is the period of development just before a product launches with bugs and other quirks being ironed out.

During development downtimes, you may find that you need to lay off some developers or have them in standby mode. On the other hand, during crunch or software work uptimes, you may go on a hiring spree to make sure your product doesn’t miss its launch date.

5. An Added Software Development Team Can Improve Workflow Specialization

Hiring a new team of software developers may add new specialties to your entire development workflow. For instance, the new team can focus on improving your overall user experience (UX) design and make your product attractive to customers while freeing up your current team to focus on other tasks.

Another good use of specialization that a new team could bring to the table is QA testing. This will make sure your product launch is smooth and most of the issues such as bugs within the code are prevented before they occur.

You can outsource software development teams that focus on different specialties and even programming languages as a whole. If you are lacking in any one area, a new specialized team should be welcomed as it will help you move development forward.

6. A New Development Team Could Provide New Software Solutions

When you hire development teams, you will find out that they all come with their own software development knowledge. They can use this knowledge to offer valuable feedback and help you figure out new software solutions for your workflow.

You may find that a new team specializes in a different programming language and end up adding new frameworks to your workflow. This, in turn, will add productivity and give you ideas on new features, software implementations or even future products worth working on.

7. You May Replace Existing Talent that Is Lacking for Long Term Development

If you currently have a dedicated development team but you are not satisfied with their performance, hiring a new team to work remotely may be your solution. It can allow you to recruit the new team or some of its members for long term work and have access to talent that can replace your current developers.

Any of these reasons should be enough to get you to consider hiring new development teams. New development teams can truly make a difference between your work and that of your competition, giving you a competitive advantage. They can also drive your brand forward with added productivity, specialized coding and providing new ideas for future development.

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