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June 13, 2019

Why standuply is the best slack standup bot in management

You probably don’t know why you should use this management bot in your organization. Some of you have not even used any management tools in the past. Now, here you are going to understand how Standuply works and you will definitely like it. In these times and era, automation is ruling this world and it’s surprising how automation is increasing profits in many firms and also organizing human incorporation.

Many product companies and startups on slack are already using management tools and they will tell you that Standuply bot is the best for standups in slack which need management. This tool will organize your firm’s functions equivalent to how 5 secretaries could do at the same time. A team working together needs to meet up quite a lot of times to enhance and reinforce working strategies, and this is what Standuply does best in.

Who uses Standuply?
Standuply is used by some of the top companies such as Ebay, Spotify, intercom and Autodesk (News - Alert). These are just some of the top clients. Standuply can be used by any organization, firm or even big companies in management of team meetings.

Those already using it say it is the best for them and also recommend it to other organizations. Why many companies use this bot is because it is reliable and also at the same time very easy to use. Standuply got its first 300 targeted customers on day one, having been developed after observation of how teams struggle to hold scrum and team meetings.

Why Standuply was started
Some people think that every idea is normally a money making idea. Well, this is not true. People get a whole lot of inspirations far away from profit. Artem and the crew realized how Agile (News - Alert) teams had problems in meet ups, check ins, popularity polls and scrum meet ups.

Sometimes teams need just a few minutes meet ups to discuss something. Let’s say may be 20 minutes or so. Now, you find that some team members have to take a lot of times travelling to get to the meetings leading to a lot of time wastage. These problems were the inspiration in the development of Standuply.

How to start using Standuply

1. On Standuply’s website main page, press the “Sign up” button;

2. Fill in your email address, then set up the password. After that, click on the tab “Create account”;

3. Click “Add team” and specify the team you want to create reports for;

4. Choose the Slack team you would like to add Standuply to, then press “Continue”;

5. Now you are done and good to go.

With just those simple steps you’re in. See, this is very easy. Everything about Standuply is so easy. Despite how these steps are easy, Standuply gives you the most outstanding experience in using it. It is not comparable with any other management tools anywhere. Try these bot.

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