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June 05, 2019

5 Best Bitcoin and Blockchain Apps For 2019

The Bitcoin revolution has been shaking the grounds in the last few years. What started out as a cryptocurrency that was valued at around $30 - $50, now has an estimated $8000 - $9000. The peak was back in 2017 when every Bitcoin was worth around $18,000. The revolution opened new doorways for advanced technology in the cryptocurrency area.

Most of this growth manifested in initial coin offerings (ICOs) and also bitcoin apps, many of which have since gone out of business as bitcoin dropped over 70% in price in 2018. However, some apps have withstood the bearish market and continue to thrive.


Coinbase was founded in 2012. It is a digital currency wallet and a platform where all users can make transactions with a number of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin included. This app has the simplest software and you can find your way through it very easily. They have firm security to make sure all of the users' data and transactions are in safe hands.


This app was created in order to solidify and improve Bitcoin's biggest issues, accessibility and security. Its motto is to provide users with better security, more control, and open more options in their financial lives. Xapo became the largest Bitcoin custodian in less than 4 years. Their goal is to have billions of people using the app to send Bitcoins with easy and security on an everyday basis.


Mycelium’s team started as an engineering team in 2008. With the rise of Bitcoin, they went on to chase the new technology and its opportunities. Their main field of expertise is their Wallet, where you can store your finances. The user has full control over the app, and the provider has given total security, with no risk of any frauds or hacks. To date, Mycelium has 2 more successful products beside Wallet – Entropy and Gear.


Welcome to the future of payments. That is BitPay’s motto. Spotting the potential with Bitcoin back in 2011, they revolutionized the security and fast payments with the cryptocurrencies. BitPay is currently the largest payment processor in the world, expanding on 6 continents. Their secure wallet gives consumers a powerful toolkit for getting started right with Bitcoin payments and gives them a fast and secure way to convert them into cash. Contrast this with shady bitcoin trading options like the bitcoin loophole app which has a host of skeptical reviews online.


More than 5 million users make Blockfolio the most trusted platform for staying connected to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With over 8000 cryptocurrencies and 300+ exchange platforms, Blockfolio surely has a lot to offer. They believe that market data and information should be freely available for the benefit of the ecosystem. Blockfolio is committed to always provide services 100% free of charge for its users.

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