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April 26, 2019

What's New in Printing Technology - 2019

Over the past couple of years, there have been significant advancements in technology. These advancements not only impact our lives but also various Industries. Currently, the use of artificial intelligence robots cloud-based technology drones and voice assistance are the current technological trends.  There are tech giants who are aiding in the research and development of various forms of technologies.

The printing technology has also not been left behind because all these advancements in technology have an impact on it.  With  Design Brand Print, for instance, you can get your t-shirts with your favorite cartoons or shapes delivered right to your home. You choose the colors, and you decide how you want it to be.

Printing Tech Trends in 2019

Here is a look at printing technology trends that are going to make an impact in 2019.

#1. 3D Printing.

The most popular form of printing technology which you will come across today is 3D printing. I'm sure that you have probably heard of this advancement in technology and how you can use it at home. There are a lot of individuals who are curious about 3D printing and its impact in various industries, from the medical field, fashion, food industry and architecture. 3D printing has changed the way products are designed and the entire production process.

3D printing refers to producing three-dimensional solid objects and functional shapes from a single digital file.

3D printing was launched a couple of years ago, but it is estimated that by the year 2020 it will be generating a revenue of around $35 billion. Here is a look at some of the industries that are already implementing the use of 3D printing.

a). Fashion

Nowadays you can practically print on any type of cloth; it does not matter if the material is nylon, cotton or polyester. You can compose your t-shirts to express your thoughts, ideas and particular beliefs. Printing has gone a notch higher with the introduction of 3D printing in the clothing industry.

Over the past couple of years, the use of 3D printing in fashion has been increasing. This can be seen from the creative process, prototypes designing and additive manufacturing. There are a lot of big brands which are fascinated with the use of 3D printing. This includes brands such as Iris Van, Adidas and Anouk Wipprecht. For example, a  brand like Adidas is implementing 3D printing on its sneakers.

There are fashion houses such as Zara in Gucci which have implemented printing t-shirts making us experience the feeling of wearing designer clothes. If it weren't for a printer, we would not be able to print t-shirts that express various messages. Although the process of 3D printing on clothing is costly, the use of 3D printing will revolutionize the fashion industry even more, and we hope to be able do it soon with a regular printer.

b). Health

3D printing has impacted healthcare, which sometimes looks like something straight from a movie. For instance institutions such as the University of Toronto have been able to use 3D  to print skin. There are others studying how to print much more complicated organs than just our skin.

c) Food

You will find that some restaurants chefs are using 3D printing to elevate the customer experience. This is done in terms of designing some foods.

d). Architecture

One of the most open fields which have implemented the use of 3D printing is architecture. It is now used consistently by designers to bring various models to life.

#2. Voice Control Technology Impact in Print

Voice assistants have recently become very popular. We now have voice assistants such as Siri which can do practically anything. It is widespread today to come across smart printers which are controlled using voice technology. This has in turn helped to improve the efficiency and functionality of the printers.

#3. Sustainable Packaging and Print Technology

There is a high demand for eco-friendly products. One of the methods many companies are using to protect the environment is sustainable packaging. Therefore the packaging industry has seen drastic advances in digital printing technology. 

Many companies are using better packaging such as corrugated boards, flexible plastics and folding boxes.   These packaging companies are using eco-friendly alternative ink when they are printing. The uses of friendly printing technology and techniques will help improve biodegradability, recycling and utilizing sustainable raw materials.

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