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April 26, 2019

Actionable Tips for Managing a Retail Business

The lives of retailers aren’t simple. Many people believe that a retail business runs itself, but this can’t be further from the truth. Running a good retail store demands hiring an excellent staff and training them, using the proper marketing strategies, not to mention tracking finances and organizing shipments.

If you are a retailer, you already know how important it is for you to work fast and accurately. The more time you waste, the more money it will cost you. The more you invest your time and money in processes or things that prove to be inefficient, the faster you’ll fail.

At the same time, retail business managers have so many things to finish, they hardly find their way to the end of the schedule. That’s why, as a retail manager, you need to follow a strict set of steps that will keep your business up and running.

1. Manage Your Time

This is the step that will determine and guide the rest of the activities you’ll do as a retail manager. It sounds obvious and yet, very few sit down to manage their time and create a schedule before they get to work.

People will tell you that making a plan before you go to bed is most effective, but if this doesn’t work for you, do it in the morning when your willpower is at its highest. You’ll have the same information at your disposal as the night before, and you’ll be much fresher to deal with a to-do list when you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

If you can’t find the time to do this in the morning, do it during the quietest time at the store. Keep the peak times in mind when creating the schedules – these will tell you how to organize your team’s schedule, what programs to use, when to assign vacation days and inventory counts, etc.

2. Schedule Breaks and Be Flexible

You can’t possibly do it all without a time off. When you’re busy all the time, you are bound to lose focus. So, leave some time in your schedule for breaks and unexpected, unstructured time.

3. Learn to Delegate

If you want to be a good manager in anything, you must learn to delegate. You aren’t a superhuman – no one is, so don’t expect to run the entire business all by yourself. To succeed, train the team and start delegating the smaller tasks to the ones who know how to perform them.

4. Find the Right Time Management System

No matter how big or small your retail store is, you’ll have to manage the time. A good time management system will tell you how much time to assign to a specific task, track your staff’s work, and organize the entire schedule.

Some good and popular approaches toward time management include:

5. Keep the Customers Interested

Use varied tricks to always keep the customers interested. Introduce rewards, contests, customer loyalty programs, free trials, free samples, and invest in excellent marketing. This will help you stand out and beat the large competition.

6. Make the Customers Feel Valued

You can’t just give free things or have a nice commercial and expect customers to love you. Returning customers are the core of a good business, so your goal is to keep customers in addition to attracting new ones. That being said, you need to pay attention to the customers, listen and request feedback, attend to their needs, and give them amazing service.

7. Keep the Retail Store Organized

A retail store must always, always look good for its customers. The more people you attract there, the messier it will get. However, you must find the best times to organize the store and keep it tidy. Customers hate to shop in retail stores without any order, so have team members working on organization at all times.

8. Leverage the Powers of Automation

Technology has made it possible for us to automate many things and speed up all kinds of processes. Be time-productive and wise with your investments. Find the right tools that can automate your retail business and make it run more successfully. Look for automation tools for tracking employees and attendance, team coordination and communication, inventory tracking, etc.

9. Establish Strict Rules and Follow Them

Delegation should help ease the burden, but still, do your best to remain focused at all times. Establish strict rules and set time in your schedule for everything. This should help you manage your business more effectively.

Retail managers have a huge competition and as a result, they need to use a variety of tricks and tools to stay in business. The tips above should help you stay ahead of the competition and keep the business up and running.

Diana Clark is a passionate writer and blogger covering different news and topics on Internet technology, SEO, Blogging practice and everything that might be interesting for her lovely WEB-Crazed Audience (News - Alert). She also provides writing help at 

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