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April 15, 2019

How is Technology Changing Us and Our Families?

We are living in an era where technology runs our lives. Today, over three-quarters of the world's population own phones.  There is improved communication, and the data which is shared every day has dramatically increased.

Technology is everywhere. Major companies such as Google (News - Alert), Apple, and Amazon are initiating research to put technology to new and innovative uses. With the help of governments, we are heading into a technological future, one where the Internet of Things and the Cloud are common.

Technology has had a significant impact on our own homes. Do you remember the time when junior was glued to the TV while dad was busy reading the paper? Kids today are busy texting their friends, while parents are reading newspapers from their phones and iPads. Times have changed, and there will  be greater changes in the future. So this begs the question, has technology had a positive or a negative impact in our homes? It is a question we will take a look at below.

The positive impact of technology at home.

#1. Improved communication.

Gone are the days when your children had to shout, when they were in the another part of the house if they wanted to ask you for anything. Now, since most kids currently own cell phones, they just call the other family member. Also, communication has been made easier so that parents can check on on their kids when they are far away. Therefore, if anything is wrong,  a phone call can ease the concern.

Also, the new messaging platforms give family members the chance to set up groups where they can interact with each other. Therefore a family member who is miles away can still communicate with the other family members. So much better than letters, or only talking when you got together for a special event.

#2. It has eased tracking.

Most technology apps have tracking apps such as GPS. With apps like this when an individual is in trouble, it is easy for the family members to track them and provide assistance.  Some even allow automatic accident detection (when the car is moving fast and then suddenly stops) or tracking if the user is speeding or not.  On the other side, technology can also catch cheating partners as well according to KM Family Law (where many of them end up for a divorce).

#3. Improved security.

There are a lot of appliances at home which have implemented the Internet of Things. This can also be seen in terms of home security systems that are giving peace to families in their own homes. For instance, emergency alarms come in handy in case of a robbery, or when there is a fire. This ensures that the family,  neighbours, and all the relevant authorities are alerted in time.

#4. Virtual interaction.

Some overprotective parents want to know the whereabouts of their children at all times. The use of technology is helping parents not only track their children through GPS, but they can also virtually video call them. It does not matter how far away you are, even if you are abroad you can still keep in touch with your family members through virtual interaction.

There are a lot of positive implications which technology has brought into our homes although we cannot exhaust them all.

The adverse effects of technology in our homes.

 This article cannot be complete without looking into the negative consequences that technology has had in our homes.

#1. Too much time on the screen

The amount of time which people spend looking at their phones, tablets, iPads, computers, and laptops is at an all-time high. It is sad when parents or kids come home from work and school and all they  think of is going in front of the TV, or glueing their eyes on their phones. In this case, the family will lack quality time to interact with each other.

We know we mentioned that phones have improved communication, but it is clear that they have deteriorated face-to-face contact. Gone are the days when families would gather around the dining table, or in the living area, and share stories about their day. It is essential that we appreciate the need to communicate and interact with each other personally. As family members, you should learn to put away  the gadgets and bond with each other.

#2. Negative lifestyles

As family members spend a lot of their time looking at their gadgets, it means that they have limited outdoor activities. This not only deteriorates their quality of relationships, but it also leads to living unhealthy lifestyles. Nowadays, most kids prefer playing video games rather than getting involved in outdoor activities.

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