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March 26, 2019

Gamified Trading: Pushing Cryptocurrency Forward

By nature, crypto traders are competitive. There’s risk involved in every trade, and cryptocurrency attracts those who have the skill and the confidence to take on such risks.

At the end of the day, trading is a competition, in which there are always winners and losers.

With all the exchanges operating today, none have embraced this competitive spirit. Competition is something that can drive more people to be more active in crypto, benefiting the entire ecosystem.

Yet this is not happening. Few sites offer competitions between traders, and those who do are ineffective. This is one of the things wants to change about crypto trading.

Competition Benefits Everyone

Any kind of progress comes out of competition. It’s what drives people to improve, and people or businesses to innovate. Competition to pit yourself against others in the same field is human nature. We all want to be the best.

This is no more applicable than to a growing market like crypto trading. Crypto doesn't yet have established, proven experts to learn from.

Many successful traders have already managed a big following, whether on Twitter (News - Alert), Telegram, or otherwise. However very little of this is linked to their actual performance as a trader. More so, it’s who can speak the loudest.

What today’s crypto influencers do offer, is something for other traders to aspire to. The thought that if one person was able to get millions of followers and make a full-time living out of crypto, maybe I can too.

Now imagine if there were more of these influencers, and they earned their followings because of actual results. As LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo are to their sports, you have traders known for their fantastic results. This can be a huge motivating factor for growth in crypto.

Leaderboards, Gamified Trading, and Competitions on Streamex

Streamex is the first exchange to embrace a competitive trading experience. The exchange comes with features such as trading leaderboards and regular competitions, designed to drive people to be the best.

Top traders have the opportunity to earn extra rewards by keeping a spot at the top of the leaderboards. Monthly, quarterly and yearly rewards for leaderboard winners gives a great incentive to stay active. Not to mention just reward for making great trades.

As well as leaderboard prizes, Streamex plans to organize trading tournaments, offering prizes of up to $1,000,000. Yet another avenue for traders to double down on their trading efforts.

To top it off, a presence on Streamex’s trading “hall of fame” helps traders grow their following, and turn trading into a full-time enterprise or legitimate career in crypto.

The most exciting element of the gamified trading initiative is that it approaches success in terms of ROI. Existing trading competitions for the most part deal in volume. Meaning the winners are often the people who can dump the most money in. The rich get richer, and many can’t compete.

True success should be measured relative to what you put in. This style of competition lets everyone compete and test their knowledge.

Know Where You Stand, With

Context is important. It lets you know where you’re at, and how good your performance is. Yet in trading today, this is hard to come by.

You may have made a little profit from your trades, or lost a little. But the context shows the real story of your results. Perhaps the entire market is down, and a small loss actually means you’re doing well. Or the entire market is up, and your trades were not as good as they could have been.

The ability to compare your returns against your peers’ is vital. It lets you know where you stand, and it drives traders to improve.

With this new trading experience, traders can see once and for all where they match up against everyone else. No posturing, no fake numbers, only real results.

No other exchange or platform does this for traders. What Streamex is doing is unique to today’s trading platforms, and brings a level of excitement that is much needed for the crypto ecosystem.

Learn more about Streamex here, or view their whitepaper.

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