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March 12, 2019

A Balance of Technology in Modern Photography

Photography used to mean black-and-white images with poorly visible figures, blurry faces, and indistinct expressions. Now, photography is pulling out your phone or mobile device, snapping a selfie or taking a shot of your friends or co-workers. Photography has become so commonplace that many people use it without even thinking about its origins or the fact that it used to be an industry solely used by the rich. As photography has become more readily available, it has also sometimes lost its singular and unique quality. You have a picture of the Eifel Tower? Sure, so do I; that’s where I went for vacation last summer. And even if you don’t personally take a picture of something, it’s an easy search on the web to find countless examples of what you are looking for.

So, why bother with photography anyway? Maybe there’s already enough images around the web and enough new technology to edit or perfect them that photographers are no longer really needed. Maybe photography is just a past-time taken up by individual enthusiasts, but no longer worthy of a business or industry. While it might appear to be this way on the surface, this is far from the case. With new technology and new developments, photographers and professionals are more needed than ever before.

It comes back to the basics of what a photograph is: a shot of one singular moment in time, unrepeatable, irreplaceable. No one can recreate a moment exactly as before; the people, the place, the scenery, the weather, the time of day. All these factors come together to make a moment, and each one is unique. A good photographer understands the singularity of each moment, and the precious quality it possesses. Having good technology helps to perfect all of these things, to get good resolution and the best lighting, but it cannot substitute for emotion.

Businesses that have dedicated themselves to capturing these qualities are able to build success and reputation for their attention to detail. The local photographers from Localgrapher will work with vacationers and other businesses to ensure that even if a photo is of an iconic location, the Eiffel Tower for example, each shot still preserves something unique. Emotion is just as important in photography as is scenery and is something no amount of technology is able to reproduce.

This is why some photographers have opted to not use digital photography, instead developing the pictures and sometimes discovering surprises. Digital photography certainly has its benefits; being able to see the picture right away gives you the chance to alter the shot or angle to get the image you desire. However, with developed pictures, you are sometimes able to capture a “raw” quality that digital photography can lose. Since you can never be exactly sure what the picture looks like, you can sometimes be surprised by the perfect preservation of a specific expression or quality that is impossible to pose.

It all depends on the individual, and thankfully with so many possibilities, entrepreneurs and businesses have the opportunity to explore the technological options to find the photography method that works best for them. By using the advancements technology has made on the photography business, photographers are able to capture these meaningful photographs with more accuracy and detail than ever before.

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» More TMCnet Feature Articles