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February 18, 2019

The 7 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid on the Driving Test

There are quite a number of mistakes that you could make when taking the driving test. Most of the mistakes though might come as a result of nerves and not necessarily because you are a terrible driver. Regardless, some mistakes happen simply because you are not aware of what is important during a driving test. Knowing exactly what you should avoid is the best way to pass the driving test. Here are a couple of mistakes you should avoid on the test.

Forgetting to use the turn signals

Most people forget to use the turn signals during the driving test. This is especially so because you will drive through many turns in any given test. You should thus make a conscious effort of using the signals every time you come across a turn. The signals are a crucial part of the driving test and showing the examiner that you are in control can earn you a nod of approval.

Forgetting about the mirrors

Driving alongside the examiner can be quite daunting. Most people tend to get nervous to the point where they just become stiff and focus on the road. This can cause them to forget about the side and rear-view mirrors. During the test, you should be conscious of using the mirrors and ensuring that the examiner sees you using them.

Changing lanes improperly

At some point during the driving test, you might be required to change lanes. At this point, you might make a lot of mistakes. As observes, most drivers tend to forget about turning the signals on, checking the blind spot, and even looking to see if the lanes are clear. The best thing to do when changing lanes is to look around and ensure that it is safe to do so.

Hard Braking

One of the most common mistakes that first-time drivers make is braking too hard. This often happens because they had not anticipated the stop. You should ensure that your braking process is gradual and comfortable. Emergency braking is only reserved for emergency situations that are out of the driver’s control. Taking the time to learn how much time you should have in order to completely come to a stop is crucial.

Forgetting about speed limit changes

Another common mistake that drivers often make is forgetting about the changes in speed limit. There are various signs on the road that you should look out for when you want to know the speed you should be driving at. Apart from road signs that indicate the recommended speed, you should also take note of areas that are designated as construction zones, school zones or residential streets. In addition, you should be aware of the speed limits allowed in freeways. Doing this will help you stay in tune with your driving limits.

Going to the test with an unroadworthy vehicle

While there are many kinds of vehicles that you can take to the driving test, a faulty vehicle should not be one of them. Most drivers often forget about this simple rule and make the mistake of bringing a car that ends up embarrassing them. While most of the driving test is all about your actual skills, being aware of the condition of the vehicle is part of common sense. You should therefore never make the mistake of going to the test with a car that you are not sure about.

Using only one hand on the driving wheel

A lot of drivers also tend to make the mistake of using one hand to drive. This is a bad idea and it could make you fail the test. As a rule, both hands should always be on the steering wheel apart from the small instances when you change the gear, turn on the indicators or press any other buttons that assist in your driving.

In summary

Passing the driving test will unlock new opportunities for you. You will be able to have much more freedom and independence. You should thus make sure that you qualify the first time that you take the driving test. The above mistakes are some of the most common ones that drivers tend to do. Avoiding them will take you a step closer to getting a driving license.

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