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February 06, 2019

How technologies can help you in the divorce proceeding

Nowadays, our world is growing, and we can do many things using different techniques. Right now, it is even possible to divorce by using the internet if you are from Texas. This procedure is very comfortable, and it can save your time.

Due to some difficulties in life in Texas, there is a tendency to increase the number of divorces. According to statistics for 2016, 56% of the total number of marriages was dissolved. And taking into account the gap of officially not formalized relations, the picture becomes altogether sad - in two cases out of three, the formed family unions break up. Against the background of the highest divorce level in Europe, the workload of the US divorce departments has increased significantly. In order somehow reduce the intensity of the document flow during the registration of acts of civil status, Texas has introduced an opportunity to apply for the divorce using the internet.

Despite the progressive nature of the online procedure, the spouses will still not be able to get a divorce via the Internet without a personal presence in the special department in Texas. The fact is that the scanned copies of documents when submitting via the web portal will need to be confirmed by originals during a personal visit to the department. Applying for a divorce via the Internet provides a special opportunity to save time and speed up the beginning of the divorce process. Also, the use of online registration allows you to avoid demeaning lines when you make this unpleasant event. Unfortunately, today for technical reasons, not all branches of the divorce departments have the opportunity to offer an electronic version of the appointment. Some people from other states will have to apply for divorce traditionally. A full-fledged separation via the Internet should provide for the possibility of a complete release of the spouses from visiting the registry office. But today, the legislative base of Texas, give reason to expect the possibility of conducting such a procedure of divorce online shortly.

And is it essential? At least, to avoid all the trouble of the divorce process, you can hire a divorce lawyer, authorizing him to sign all the documents and entrusting him with the representation of the client’s interests in a particular case.

When a couple concludes that divorce is an inevitable step, the question arises how to carry out this procedure without significant damage to the nerves and with maximum time savings. Because at the modern pace of life it is difficult to find the extra hours for all bureaucratic institutions. We offer you a very convenient way to get a divorce - online via the Internet.

The process of applying for a divorce online can be divided into several stages:

1. Primary registration on the portal.

When registering, in addition to your data, you must specify an email address to receive a password to access the portal.

2. The choice of the type of application for dissolution of marriage. At the time of applying for a divorce via the Internet, it is necessary to clearly understand the initial data that will determine the future course of the divorce process. Depending on this, three types of applications are offered: with the consent of both spouses to divorce and the absence of minor children, if there is a court decision to dissolve the marriage and if one of the spouses is recognized incapable or missing. Of these three options, you will need to choose the one that corresponds to the situation of the applicant.

3. Log in to the system using BankID or digital signature.

Of course, the easiest way to use bank cards. At the same time, the type of card and the bank that issued it does not matter. You will need to indicate the details of your bank card. Unfortunately, this method of verification is unsafe, since it does not exclude the possibility that third parties may unlawfully seize confidential information. If desired, the applicant can use an electronic digital signature. Registration of a numeric name is carried out in a prescribed by law manner for several days. The period during which a numeric name can be used is two years.

4. The choice of the divorce department, which you will use.

When choosing a department to submit documents for divorce, you must proceed from the place of registration of at least one of the spouses.

5. Make an appointment.

The applicant chooses a convenient time for him to visit the divorce department, based on the options proposed by the system.

6. Attaching scanned copies of the required documents to the application.

Before filling out the application, you must scan the following documents in any format.

Also, you can apply to the advocates online, and they will help you with divorce. We are talking about a complex of legal actions related to administrative and communicative components, such as, for example, online consultation with a lawyer to find out the relevant data for maintaining your divorce.

This service is becoming increasingly popular and represents the following actions.

You do not need to go somewhere else, meet with your spouse, judge, secretary, search for documents, bring suits and other papers to meetings, make decisions, etc. This is extremely tiring, and for sure, you have many other important activities! Through the Internet, your lawyer will conduct a survey and find out all the data and information necessary for a divorce.

It is a divorce online.

This service is one of the easiest ways for divorce. All you need to do is fill out an online application form and give the documents to conduct the case, and after 2–3 months you will get the documents about the divorce. Lawyers will do all the work. The most important thing is that you need to find perfect lawyers not to get deceived. As you can see, in the age of technologies, it may be even easy to divorce. All the tiring job with documents is almost done!

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