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June 04, 2018

Why Dyson Is Investing in AI and Robotics to Make Better Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson has two areas that it majors in. There is the research in the Innovation of New Product, and Development of New Product. The Innovation of New Product focuses on having the world informed about its current stage. The Development of New Product steps in to take the latter and make it practical and dependable.

The Focus

Dyson focuses on today’s world to make it a better place with the vacuum cleaning. With the current world changing very fast, Dyson is still taking time to produce only that which can be of use to the customer. That means, it is not a matter of connecting one part to another to stay on the production line, it is a matter of quality in relation to customer need. Dyson is on the verge of eliminating cases where the customer buys a vacuum cleaner machine only to damp it a couple of weeks later.

Solving the Customer’s Problem

Realizing this, the Dyson is so much in solving the customer’s cleaning problem once and for all. But why is Dyson investing in AI and Robotics? The aim is to make dry cleaners that are intelligent in the making. This is possible by ensuring that the iRobot vacuums are smart enough to be able to be adaptive to its cleaning areas. This way, the customer will not have to study the machine to understand how it operates but the device will automatically adapt to its areas of cleaning.

The Machine Adapting

Dyson is making better vacuum cleaners by ensuring that the machine can understand areas that need more attention during cleaning than others. In cases where the machine has frustrated the client, the machine will only need the client to help it understand where it caused frustrations and will adjust to the new changes as needed. The client does not need to understand the concept by which this happens.

Save Time

Also, the Dyson is in the mission to save the customer’s time in doing things that frustrate them most. One of the most obvious things is cleaning which in reality cannot be avoided or skipped. We cannot overlook dusting which is impossible to do in the morning when going to work. The vacuum cleaner will act as a solution for these needs.

In conclusion, while many companies are busy making products every three months, for example, to stay in the top of the manufacturing line, Dyson is in the path of ending the customer’s frustrations. How? First, by answering the question, “what frustrate you most,” the Dyson is making better Vacuum Cleaners that will resolve the customers’ needs. More so, the vacuum cleaner is to be a long-term solution to the client. The number of years it may take to manufacture it is not an issue, but the quality of the product is the primary factor Dyson is investing in AI and Robotics.

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