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March 13, 2018

Is Call Center Outsourcing the Key to Improving Customer Service?

By Keith Batter, Content Producer

Business leaders in 2018 are fully aware that the shifting emphasis placed on customer experience by savvy enterprises today is not a passing trend, but rather the new normal. But, with the digital transformation occurring in contact centers, the proliferation of channels by which to engage customers has only compounded challenges for already besieged agents.

In fact, according to Deloitte’s (News - Alert) latest Global Contact Center Survey, 85 percent of organizations anticipate contacts will become more complex in the next two years. Simultaneously, 93 percent of executives polled by Deloitte indicate that they expect contact volumes to remain constant or stay the same over the same time frame.

This convergence of factors is poised to disrupt operations and service for contact centers unable to keep pace with the changing times—a potentially cataclysmic issue for many consumers. As such, it is vital to strike the right balance between bolstering your capabilities without cutting into your bottom line. It is for this reason that outsourcing may prove to be the key ingredient when it comes to your contact center.

If you’re wondering whether outsourcing is right for you, ask yourself these questions first to help you select the right partner for outsourcing your contact center needs.

Where is help needed?

Providing improved customer service by outsourcing isn’t simply about putting more customer service agents in your chairs. You may also have a need for more technical support at your help desk, too. Or perhaps you simply need to rapidly scale up for a new outbound messaging campaign. Additionally, business processes, too, can be outsourced, depending on your needs.

Are your self-service solutions helping or hurting?

60 percent of Americans would rather solve problems on their own instead of talking to a live customer service agent. But merely throwing a rudimentary IVR, ITR or chatbot at your customers isn’t necessarily going to answer all your problems. Can you outsource to a call center partner to find more robust, efficient and customer-friendly solutions?

Are your agents satisfied?

Your agents are every bit as important to the service process as your customers themselves. A contact center full of engaged, energized agents can provide more satisfactory service, which in turn leads to happier lifelong customers. Overworked agents in understaffed contact centers are more likely to quit their job, or stick around and do it poorly. If you’re experiencing high turnover or notice that job performance is slipping, this may be a sign that your team could use the support of reinforcements.

To learn more about how you can achieve gains in your customer service levels through outsourcing, click here

Edited by Mandi Nowitz
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