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September 20, 2013

HTML5 to Improve Gameplay, Graphics with Goo Technologies

By Steve Anderson, Contributing TMCnet Writer

HTML5 has really been gaining across several sectors, with applications for mobile apps, video, and several others turning in new innovations and new uses for the technology. But HTML5 gaming is proving no exception, and Goo Technologies' Goo Engine is showing off the power that HTML5 can bring to gaming in terms of graphics, gameplay and beyond. Recently a new online gambling venue,, opened up, showing off what else HTML5 can bring to bear on gaming. actually launched earlier this month, and has brought in Goo Technologies to add a little extra polish on things graphically. The site has already pulled in a fairly substantial number of users, and simulates an actual casino-style experience by allowing users to, much like a standard video game casino might, walk from one room to the next, from one machine or table to the next with a new kind of 3D display technology. Perhaps even better, all of this plays strictly online, which means that users don't have to download software in order to make all this happen. Rather, the whole thing plays out online, right from a Web browser.

Right now, is mainly geared toward desktops, but a mobile version is set to follow that will provide all that casino-style action on the go. Given that the numbers of users are only increasing, it's safe to call the launch a success, which is just what Jack Mizel, spokesman for said of it.

While it's clear that is showing off the true potential of HTML5, especially as it regards to gaming, it's not the only one who's been having some great success with HTML5 in recent weeks. For instance, it was just under a month ago that Goko, who had previously launched under an HTML5 platform, brought the concept back in light of improvements in the technology. Kickstarter recently moved much of its video over to an HTML5 platform, and clearly, there are gains to be had all over the field. is likely discovering this itself, enjoying the benefits inherent in a better online-only experience that requires no installed software on the part of its users to enjoy. It's more convenient for the user, and that in turn makes it an experience that is more likely to be returned to by said users later on.

HTML5 is making some terrific gains, and these only get more visible the more HTML5 is used in developing Web-based applications that perform like local installations. Only time will tell just how far HTML5 apps can truly go, but the more development is behind such apps, the better a look we'll get at just how far it goes.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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