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June 07, 2013

OnePlaceMail Helps SharePoint Remove Limitations

By Robbie Pleasant, TMCnet Contributor

As useful a tool as e-mail is, it still has its limits. There are just some things that simply aren’t programmed into it, so there’s nothing that can be done, right? Well, Scinaptic Communications has improved its OnePlaceMail product, helping users bring Microsoft (News - Alert) SharePoint to their email and Office environments.

The latest version of OnePlaceMail – 6.4 – is designed to complement and extend SharePoint 2013’s Site Mailboxes functionality. This helps it overcome several limitations that it previously had, such as its lack of Microsoft Office integration, File Explorer integration, and its inability to capture e-mail attributes while saving them.

Furthermore, OnePlaceMail 6.4 helps access content from desktop applications at a faster speed, such as dragging and dropping e-mails and attachments from Outlook into SharePoint and Exchange. It can automatically capture e-mail attributes into Site Mailboxes libraries, and enforces metadata validation, to make the most of the information in their email.

"Our new release has done two critical things for IT departments: First and foremost it's provided them with a 'future proof' solution,” explains James Fox, Scinaptic’s CEO. “No matter what platform a company is using today or in the future (whether it be SharePoint/Exchange 2007, 2010 or 2013) they can take the full functionality of SharePoint to the desktop. Secondly, OnePlaceMail 6.4 has been specially designed to address all of SharePoint 2013's Site Mailboxes limitations. Together, these advancements make end user SharePoint adoption 100% feasible."

This is a nice step up from the current capabilities of Outlook, Office, and Explorer, helping better link them together and remove many of their limitations. Those who constantly find themselves having to use all of the above will greatly benefit from OnePlaceMail 6.4. This will also help improve adoption of all of them, for those who use one will now be able to benefit further from the others. It’s a situation that should go well for all involved, from the IT Department and on.

Edited by Ashley Caputo
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